Patriots Gridiron News: Ty Law all in on Ohio State receiver; Mike Vrabel or Jerod Mayo next in line as head coach?

New England Patriots legend Ty Law explains why this top NFL draft prospect is the obvious choice at No. 3 and will Mike Vrabel or Jerod Mayo replace Bill Belichick at head coach?
Ohio State v Michigan
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The New England Patriots have two big decisions to make this offseason.  Following a 4-13 season, the team will send shockwaves throughout the NFL no matter what direction they decide to move in when it comes to the fate of Bill Belichick.  Depending on who that coach and general manager is, they will have a big decision at what to do with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Beyond the Belichick decision, the Patriots have a lot of personnel decision and roster upgrades on the horizon.  The major one is the quarterback position, but with the possibility of both top quarterbacks – Caleb Williams and Drake Maye – being off the table by the time the Patriots select, the team may have to go with the next sure bet in the draft:  Marvin Harrison Jr.

Patriots legend weighs in on why Marvin Harrison Jr. is no-brainer at No. 3

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show, Patriots legend and Hall of Fame cornerback Ty Law explained why he would go with the Ohio State wide receiver, which should be considered high accolades coming from a Michigan alum.

"If he’s still there, I’m getting Marvin Harrison Jr.,” Law said, as transcribed by WEEI.  “Everybody says quarterback.  I’m telling you, you might be able to go out there and find a Dak Prescott [ who was a fourth-round pick].  I’m gonna leave Tom Brady off the table because that’s a unicorn, 199, but if you go out there and get a serviceable quarterback that won’t turn the ball over and you get Marvin Harrison Jr, he’s gonna help whatever quarterback you have, I promise you that.  That’s one of those picks that would be hard to pass up.”

The wild card in the draft is the Chicago Bears, who hold the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.  If they stick with Justin Fields at quarterback, they could go with Harrison Jr.  That would push either Williams or Maye down.  But, if that doesn’t happen, Law is right.  The team must go for that elite talent at the wide receiver position because he can make a quarterback that much better.

Furthermore, there are other quarterback talents in this draft who the Patriots could trade back for or select in later rounds like 2024 Heisman winner Jayden Daniel, Heisman Trophy runner up Michael Penix Jr., Oregon’s Bo Nix or Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy.  So, all is not lost if the Patriots lose out on Caleb Williams or Maye, they will just need to be very creative and do their due diligence in finding the next guy at QB while they draft a stud at wide receiver.

New England Patriots rumors: Mike Vrabel over Jerod Mayo?

Who the Patriots do with the No. 3 overall pick could depend on who is the head coach is.  Will Patriots owner Robert Kraft pull the trigger and part ways with Belichick?  With a decision still looming, NBC Sports Boston Patriots Insider Phil Perry says it’s more of just a matter of time before the organization moves on from the legendary coach.

"The expectation is, from those in the building, that Bill Belichick will no longer be the New England Patriots head coach, and that time is coming soon, and that decision has been made," Perry said. "It's a matter of time before it's made clear to the rest of us that that is what the Patriots will be doing for next season.”

When that happens, who will Kraft turn to as the next head coach of the New England Patriots?

With Mike Vrabel out there and available, the former Tennessee Titans head coach and Patriots linebacker has risen as the top choice, but what about another former Patriots linebacker who has served as a defensive coach with the team over the past few seasons.  What about Jerod Mayo?


That would be another interesting decision for Kraft.  Did he make a promise to Mayo that he will be the next in line as head coach?  Due to experience, Vrabel obviously has the edge over Mayo, but both have knowledge of the organization, both were former players, and both could serve as the fresh leadership the team needs. 

An interesting offseason in Foxborough for sure!