Michigan Wolverines: NFL Draft prospect J.J. McCarthy roars into the Heisman Trophy race

No.2 ranked Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy has played his way into the Heisman Trophy race
Michigan Spring Football Game
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The Michigan Wolverines have produced a series of remarkable players over the years. Their rich history has been graced by some of the finest talents in the world of college football. This year, one player is making waves and capturing the attention of fans and critics alike: J.J. McCarthy.

Earning widespread acclaim for his prowess on the field, McCarthy has emerged as a strong contender for the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

McCarthy is a force to be reckoned with. His performances have led the Wolverines to a Big Ten Championship and a spot in the College Football Playoffs. McCarthy's precision, poise under pressure, and ability to change the game's dynamics have earned him a special place in the hearts of many fans.

J.J. McCarthy's Heisman Trophy odds

McCarthy's outstanding performance has caught the eye of many, not just in terms of his skill and potential but also in terms of sheer statistics. Last season, he completed nearly 65 percent of his passes for over 2,700 yards and boasted a glowing 22-5 touchdown-to-interception ratio. He also added five touchdowns on the ground.

His odds of winning the Heisman Trophy stand at +1800, making him the most bet-on player at BetMGM. The Heisman Trophy, often awarded to players with impressive stats and team success, seems to be within McCarthy's reach. However, he needs to step up his game to compete with high-powered quarterbacks across the country.

Winning the Heisman Trophy is no easy feat. It requires not only individual brilliance but also team success.

Last year's winner, USC's Caleb Williams, set a high bar with over 4,500 passing yards and 52 total touchdowns, leading his team to a 13-3 season finish. For McCarthy to stay in the race, he needs to up his game further and lead his team to even greater heights.

Through five games in 2023, J.J. McCarthy is 5-0 and has accounted for over 1000 yards and 11 TDs while leading the nation in completion percentage, and he has never stepped foot on the field in the 4th quarter. He has the stats, the skills, and the team success to back up his candidacy. Moreover, his performances have demonstrated remarkable growth, improvement, and consistency. 

Where does McCarthy's skills and performance fit in the NFL

McCarthy's skills extend beyond his impressive stats. His ability to efficiently manage the offense and his physical prowess have earned him accolades and admiration. He has shown an uncanny ability to read the game, make accurate throws, and use his athletic abilities to rush the ball when necessary.

His performance in the previous season, where he led the Wolverines to the Big Ten Championship and the College Football Playoff, showcased his leadership and ability to perform under pressure. His skills, work ethic, and dedication have set the stage for what could be a remarkable career.

This has us looking at a top-20 pick for McCarthy as a true NFL QB. Some analysts have him as high as No.5 overall, projecting him to replace Kirk Cousin in Minnesota during his rookie season. McCarthy would be well served learning on the sidelines during his first season; a team like the Lions would be an excellent fit for McCarthy, allowing him to sit behind Jared Goff and reuniting him with fellow Wolverine Adien Hutchenson. The two could be the key to finally bringing a Super Bowl to the Motor City.

J.J. McCarthy, Michigan Wolverines vs Minnesota

J.J Mcarthy and the Wolverines performance has been nothing short of spectacular, with a series of victories under their belt. Their unselfish approach to the game and ability to play through injuries have significantly contributed to their success.


The upcoming game against Minnesota is expected to be challenging for the Wolverines. However, given their unbeaten streak and high morale, they are anticipated to fight tough to an early lead being favored by -18.

This should be another game McCarthy does not see any 4th quarter action. Drake Maye of UNC, put up 414 yards against the Gophers; McCarthy won't need that much to be up three TDs by the fourth quarter.