NFL burning questions: Can Russell Wilson shine with another NFL team; Broncos QB opens up

The Russell Wilson drama in Denver could lead to an interesting offseason with a storyline centering around Wilson's return to the Broncos or new chapter with a new NFL team.
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have had the most bizarre season of any NFL team in 2023.  It started with the team looking like a disaster in Sean Payton’s first year as head coach.  In giving up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins, it looked like the squad in Denver gave up on their coach.  Then the team caught fire.

In turning their season around from a 1-4 start to eventually 7-7 and back in the Wild Card playoff hunt, the Broncos team saw a revival on both sides of the ball which featured a renewed energy in veteran quarterback Russell Wilson.  But, after a loss to the New England Patriots to drop their record to 7-8, a bit of turmoil returned to the Broncos locker room, which according to NFL reports, started weeks before as the team entered their Week 9 bye week.

Wilson, who was benched this week with two games remaining in the season, was approached by the team to change his contract.  According to Wilson, he was given an ultimatum to either work with the team to change his contract or get “benched for the rest of the year.”

Denver Broncos set the stage for a Russell Wilson NFL storyline in 2024

In news that sent ripples throughout the NFL, Wilson’s benching wasn’t much of a surprise to the veteran quarterback as he saw it coming.  With the team on the outside looking in when it comes to their Wild Card hopes, the statement made by the Broncos to go with Jarrett Stidham over Wilson the conclude the season appears to be the foreshadowing of Wilson’s time in Denver also concluding.

How does Wilson feel about that?  Well, he opened up this week with his side of the story and what he hopes his future holds in the NFL.  Believe it or not, Russell Wilson still hopes to wear that Broncos’ orange.

Russell Wilson
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

"You know I want to be here, I want to play here, I want to be able to win here, I want to win championships here, I want to give my all every week, no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what the score is, and I want to be the best teammate and leader that I can be in the midst of it all," Wilson said, via "So that's why I was out here at practice every day, and told Jarrett I'd help him and lead and do whatever it takes to keep the guys going on and try to lead the right way. That's all I know."

In a blockbuster trade that was made prior to Payton’s arrival, Wilson’s current deal with the club is scheduled to balloon over the next few seasons which could handcuff Payton’s roster management moving forward.  If Wilson was the quarterback he was in his prime, perhaps Payton could build around his veteran quarterback, but given his age and inconsistency at times behind center, approaching Wilson to revise his contract would be an opportunity for the Broncos to move in another direction at QB, which leaves Wilson as an option for another NFL team.

In emphasizing his desire to stay in Denver, Wilson doesn’t know which uniform he will wear following the 2023 season, but he does want an opportunity to win another championship.  If he’s in the right situation, could he revive his career?  The biggest question this offseason will be which team takes a shot at Wilson?

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An interesting scenario could result in a return to Seattle, but teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders and Pittsburgh Steelers could be interesting landing spots for the veteran quarterback to shine in 2024.