Derrick Henry trade rumors: 3 NFL teams Titans star running back would make scary good

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry would make these 3 NFL teams scary good if the NFL's most productive force on the ground is traded by the Oct. 31 NFL Trade Deadline.
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Will the Tennessee Titans throw in the rest of the 2023 NFL season and trade star running back Derrick Henry?

If such a deal happens by the October 31 NFL Trade Deadline, whoever lands the mighty All-Pro running back is going to send shudders throughout the NFL and leave the Music City humming towards an obvious rebuild.

Typically, any running back approaching the age of 30 would be considered on the downside of their career, but not Henry who continues to be a focal point in the Titans’ offense, which may not be saying a lot for what’s going on in Tennessee as far as offensive production.

With 425 yards rushing through Week 7, Henry is proving he could still be a force in the NFL.  He could be even more of a force as a complimentary player.  With his bruising size and age, the NFL’s most powerful force on the ground the last decade can put one of these 3 NFL teams over the top or at least make their offense even more powerful.

Dallas Cowboys: Derrick Henry and Tony Pollard a thunder and lightning duo in the Big D

Whenever a star player is on the trade block or being shopped, the Dallas Cowboys always seem be in the mix, especially with owner Jerry Jones starving for a Super Bowl ring.

While the Cowboys seem set at the running back position on paper, adding a power back like Henry would be the perfect complement to the dynamic ability of Tony Pollard, who has taken over the lead running back role the last couple of seasons from Ezekiel Elliott.

Speaking of Elliott, the former Cowboys running back played that power back role a season ago which contributed to a balanced offensive attack in Dallas.  The addition of Henry would make the Cowboys offense more dynamic.  Imagine the power of Henry, the sizzle of Pollard to go along with the flash of rookie running back Deuce Vaughn?

That’s just the backfield.  With Dak Prescott having a solid year, a solid running attack makes the air attack that much more lethal with CeeDee Lamb and Bradin Cooks stretching the field.

If anything, this type of move would be a response to all the moves their NFC East rivals are making as the Eagles seem to be raiding the Titans roster.