Cowboys Gridiron News: Dak Prescott shines in ‘must-win’ effort; Kyle Pitts to Dallas intriguing trade talk

Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott called the team's win over Los Angeles Chargers a "Must Win" sparking confidence; is a Kyle Pitts trade to Dallas a realistic option?

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Coming off a whipping at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5, the Dallas Cowboys approached the Monday Night matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers as a “must-win,” get right type of game. 

With the 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles losing their undefeated status in Week 6 upsets, the Cowboys got back in the mix with a 20-17 victory over the Chargers in an October game that Dak Prescott knows was an important one because 4-2 vs 3-3 is a big different in the race for the top spot in the conference.

In a balanced effort, Prescott and the Cowboys literally fought their way to a victory, showing off a team that is tough on both sides of the ball.  Don’t let that lopsided loss against the 49ers fool you, Dallas is a team that will have something to say about which team wins the AFC East.  Yes, here’s looking at you Eagles.

Prescott, Cowboys keeping pace with the top teams in the NFC

As far as team confidence and staying on the heels of the squad and Philly, the Cowboys knew how important this Monday night matchup was.

“S--- yeah, it was a must-win,” Prescott told the media following the game.  “I mean, it’s early in the season, but 3-3, 4-2, it’s a huge difference.  Yeah, it just is. …4-2, second road win of the year against a great team, against a great offense, a great defense, going into the bye week, yeah…I mean we talked las week about not allowing this thing to landslide, and I just think a win like that allows you to really close that book.

“Obviously we closed that book this week preparing for this game…but when you get this one like you did, you definitely can move on.”

Prescott was Prescott in this game completing 70.0 percent of his passes for 272 yards and a touchdown.  His 109.3 QB rating wasn’t so shabby either.  But what really got it done for the Cowboys are the other stars who came out to play.

CeeDee Lamb torched the Chargers for 117 yards receiving and that Cowboys defense led by Micah Parsons and Stephon Gilmore left their mark on the game.  Parsons was his usual disruptive self, while Gilmore sealed the game with an interception. 

In all, a “definition of a complementary football team,” as Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy called the team effort.

Cowboys trade talk: Kyle Pitts speculation floated out there

Imagine if the Dallas Cowboys added a young, pass-catching tight end to the offense.

With the NFL Trade Deadline approaching, speculation is running rampant through the league on players who will be available and players who could be available.  Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts is one of those players who could garner some buzz.

With Pitts being underutilized and according to former Cowboys wide receiver is a “generational talent” who is being wasted in Atlanta.  With a series of tweets ranting about how the Falcons are not utilizing the All-Pro tight end, the fanboy in Bryant called for a trade to the Cowboys because Pitts “deserves better.”

If any team were to make a splash trade for Kyle Pitts it would be the Cowboys, but it would be crazy at this point for the Falcons to give up on the young talent, unless he wants out and shows no interest in extending his rookie deal in Atlanta.


But let’s go with the hypothetical.  Kyle Pitts in Dallas could be a transcending move for the young tight end.  With Dak Prescott, Tony Pollard and a trio of wide receivers in CeeDee Lamb, Branin Cooks and Michael Gallup, Pitts could shine in a Cowboys offense that has historically valued the pass-catching tight end type. 

While Dez Bryant wants to free Pitts from Atlanta, the Falcons probably won’t pick up the phone on this one, at least for now.  Certainly, a situation down in the ATL worth monitoring for any NFL GM.