Worst Man Drafted Tournament: It Begins…


What is the Worst Man Drafted (WMD) Tournament? To celebrate March Madness, the FanSided.com sports network compiled a field of the 64 worst NFL Draft busts of all time. A blogger from each NFL team nominated their team’s worst two draft picks of all time. 32 teams x 2 = 64. After we had our field of 64, the staff here at NFL Mocks did some serious NCAA-style research to seed the field. (hat tip: Mike from Bear Goggles On on the concept)

Why the name WMD? Because like the weapons of mass destruction that never showed up in Iraq, these accidental weapons of mass destruction never showed up for their teams once drafted. In fact, for fans these draft busts caused mass destruction on our souls.

That’s why we take great pleasure in hosting this tournament here on NFL Mocks. These clowns deserve every bit of this dubious honor. And as die-hard fans you deserve to have a little fun at their expense. That’s why it will be the fans who ultimately decide who will be crowned the Worst Man Drafted.

The voting for the round of 64 kicks off today. Results will be tallied, and then the round of 32 will kick off next Monday. The Sweet 16 will take place next Wednesday, the Elite 8 a week from Friday, the Final 4 a week from Saturday (through Sunday), and then the WMD Finals will take place a week from this upcoming Monday.

Let’s get it on with our bracket full of busts!



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