Worst Man Drafted Tournament: South Region Round One


This is probably the weakest of the four regions, but the “Dirty” South still is a lot of fun. In fact, you’ll have a hard time finding such a collection of dysfunctional running backs, woman beaters and gun lovers anywhere else.

Ricky Williams. Not a bust? Tell that to the Saints. He might have worn the wedding dress, but it was Coach Dit-ka and the Saints who played the catcher in that relationship.

Maurice Clarett. That pick makes Mike Shannahan swell with pride just before he shuts his eyes every night. Remember when we thought Maurice Clarett and LeBron James were on the same superstar trajectory. Turns out we were wrong. Very wrong. Apparently, Grand Theft Auto the video game wasn’t realistic enough for Clarett.

Rae Carruth. Just go and hear what Steve Harvey has to say (NSFW) about that idiot.

Last but not least, we have the one-and-only Lawrence “Drag That Bitch Down the Stairs” Phillips. The guy who Dick Vermeil cut after one season and change while crying — and he was always crying — stating that he was probably the best running back he ever coached. Phillips then went on to miss the block that led to the hit that ended Steve Young’s career; ram a teenager’s car with his own after a flag football dispute; and get sentenced to 10 years in prison. I think Phillips modeled the wrong part of his “game” after O.J.

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