Worst Man Drafted Tournament: West Region Round One


God, we love this Worst Man Drafted tournament. We thought we liked the North region the most, but the West bracket is every bit as good. Let us tell you why…

Defensive end Andre Wadsworth. Here’s a guy who had a brief, worthless career with the Cardinals, and then out of the blue tried to make a  comeback almost a decade later. He failed miserably, of course. Only the Jets, champions of prospect evaluation that they are, even gave him a shot. Reportedly, they even did so with a straight face.

Wide receiver Freedie Mitchell vs. cornerback Pacman Jones. Fred-Ex vs. Pacman. Mitchell could never control his mouth. Pacman can’t control anything about himself, most notably involuntarily muscle spasms that make him cascade money into the air.

Running back Curtis Enis, who my old man (who’s almost 60!) still calls Curtis Penis. Sad thing is his penis probably had more yards than he did.

Quarterback Todd Marinovich. Marijuanavich, baby! This guy is a NFL Draft bust rock star. Parents, puh-lease let your kids eat McDonald’s and watch cartoons. If you don’t, they’ll snort coke, inject themselves with heroin, grow weed and sexually assault people. Robo QB once told a cop his occupation was “anarchist.” We didn’t just make that up either.

Then there is the megastar, QB Ryan Leaf. He went from “I’m looking forward to a 15-year career, a couple of trips to the Super Bowl and a parade through downtown San Diego.” to “Just f***ing don’t talk to me, all right! Knock it off!” in about 0.6 seconds. The rest is history.

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