Zach Ertz best fits: 3 contenders prime to land three-time Pro Bowl tight end

Three-time Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz has hit free agency and here are three contenders who would be prime fits for the veteran target.
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Baltimore Ravens an interesting option

In all Zach Ertz can go the easy route and join the 49ers, he can go the familiar route and return to Philadelphia, or he can take on a bit of an increased role and join a team like the Baltimore Ravens.

As the top team in the AFC, the Ravens have been soaring both offensively and defensively.  Lamar Jackson has been playing like a man on a mission and the defense is turning it up every week.  The only speed bump for the Ravens has been the loss of tight end Mark Andrews with a season-ending injury.  The Ravens still have Isaiah Likely, but bringing in a veteran like Zach Ertz would give Jackson another weapon and help fill some of the void left by the Andrews injury.

Now neither tight end is the powerful force Andrews is, but on a team that loves using tight ends in the passing game, Ertz would have a chance to have a bigger role and help a team get to the big game.


In wanting to play for a contender, all three teams make sense for Ertz.  Where he ends up will come down to which team feels he can help them win down the stretch and into the playoffs.  It could absolutely be a team no one seen coming like maybe the Dallas Cowboys or a team like the Buffalo Bills or even the Kansas City Chiefs but bet on the next uniform Ertz wears being either the Eagles, 49ers or Ravens.