Top rookies of NFL Week 4: C.J. Stroud, Sam Laporta lead charge of outstanding performances

all of the best rookie performances of Week 4
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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Top Rookie Defender of Week 4. Devon Witherspoon. Devon Witherspoon. 36. . . 5. player. Top Rok D.

Leaving a mark

 On the defensive front, Devon Witherspoon has emerged as a standout player. The cornerback put on a show in Week 4, with several key tackles and a game-changing interception. Witherspoon's ability to read the game and make crucial defensive plays has earned him high praise, with many touting him as a top rookie defender to watch this season.

On the defensive side, Devon Witherspoon has been a revelation for the Seattle Seahawks. He put on a stellar show in Week 4, proving he was the right pick for the team. Witherspoon has managed to secure a spot in the starting lineup and made significant contributions to the team's defensive efforts.

Witherspoon's standout performance

Witherspoon's performance in Week 4 was nothing short of impressive. He showcased his skills and athleticism, making key plays and helping to secure a win for the Seahawks. His ability to read the game and make crucial tackles has been a significant asset to the team.

It was a game for the books as Witherspoon brought back Legion of Doom nostalgia. He was all over the field, wreaking havoc. He led the Seahawks with 2 of their 11 sacks, had seven tackles, 14 yards tackled for loose on PD, and a 97-yard pick-six. That's a game. 

Everyone questioned the Seahawks when they used the 5th overall pick from Denver in the Russel Wilson trade for Witherspoon. No one is asking for that pick today. 

Witherspoon's impressive performances have not gone unnoticed. His skills, work ethic, and determination have earned him recognition as one of the top rookies in the league. The future looks bright for Witherspoon, and if he continues to perform at this level, he will undoubtedly become a key player for the Seahawks in the coming seasons.

In week 4 of the NFL season, they reaffirmed the immense talent in this year's crop of top rookies. These young players are not just making up the numbers; they are taking center stage, influencing the outcomes of games, and shaping the future of their respective teams.

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Whether it's CJ Stroud commanding the field as a quarterback, De'Von Achane making explosive runs, Puka Nacua catching victory from the jaws of defeat, Sam La Porta fortifying the offensive line, or Devon Witherspoon making game-changing defensive plays, these rookies are here to stay, and they are only getting started.