Top rookies of NFL Week 4: C.J. Stroud, Sam Laporta lead charge of outstanding performances

all of the best rookie performances of Week 4
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34. Sam La porta award. Top Rookie TE of Week 4. 4th win of 2023. Sam La Porta. . Sam La Porta. player. . 50

 In the world of tight ends, Sam La Porta is quickly making a name for himself. Known for his blocking prowess, La Porta has fortified his team's offensive line. His blocks have paved the way for successful rushing attacks while providing crucial protection for his quarterback. His performance in week 4 reaffirmed his status as one of the top rookie tight ends in the league.

While the tight end position often goes unnoticed in the highlight reels, rookies like Sam La Porta have quietly made a name for themselves. He has shown promise with his blocking ability and route running, earning him a spot in the starting lineup.

Laporta is stepping up for the Lions

La Porta's contributions might not always appear in the stat sheet, but his influence on the field is undeniable. He has shown great versatility, lining up in multiple positions and contributing significantly to the team's offense.

While La Porta, drafted as the next George Kittle, didn't blow up the stat sheet this week, he still outperformed all eight rookie TEs that saw action in Week 4. La Porta hauled 4 of his five targets and converted third downs twice for 56 yards—another outstanding performance.

This is now La Porta's 4th Top Rookie award in four weeks; if he wins next week, I will officially rename this the Sam La Porta Award. With 22 catches for 242 yards, he outperforms his draft comparison, Kittle, and all TE not named Hockenson. 

While La Porta still has a lot to prove, his early performances suggest that he has the potential to become a top rookie in the NFL. With continued development and consistent performances, La Porta could soon become a household name among NFL fans.