Top 10 No. 5 overall picks in NFL Draft history

These top picks proved to be legendary selections
San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers - October 15, 2006
San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers - October 15, 2006 / Robert B. Stanton/GettyImages
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No. 2: Junior Seau, San Diego Chargers (1990)

Before his life was cut short at the age of 43, Seau was known for a career of unprecedented longevity. The USC product played for 20 years as a linebacker, but his 13 years with the Chargers were so impressive that he established himself as the best linebacker in the game during the 1990s without question.

Seau was named to 12 Pro Bowls in a row with the Chargers, making nine All-Pro teams and utterly torching San Diego's record books before he got there. The Chargers of the early 90s were a defensive machine, and no one had more to do with their success in that era than Seau.

Junior Seau and Deion Sanders are the two best No. 5 picks in NFL Draft history

No. 1: Deion Sanders, Atlanta Falcons (1989)

Sanders didn't even need to be scouted very hard, as fans could see him from space when he was dominating at Florida State. If you were to say that Sanders is the greatest cornerback who ever played the game, that is by no means an outrageous statement, given his pedigree.

Eight Pro Bowls and eight All-Pro nods (six First-Team) are impressive enough, and being arguably the greatest pre-Devin Hester returner ever is tough to do. His biggest contribution, however, could be helped the 49ers and Cowboys' defenses become elite instantly as they both won titles with him as a driving force. The Colorado coach changed the game for all defensive backs who came after him.