Deion Sanders sets the climate for where he hopes Shedeur Sanders is drafted in the 2025 NFL Draft

Deion Sanders gives cold weather NFL teams something to think about when it comes to drafting Shedeur Sanders.
Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders
Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders spent most of his NFL career playing in warm weather climates like Atlanta, San Francisco and Dallas.  When it comes his son, quarterback Shedeur Sanders, the elder hopes one of the top quarterback prospects entering the 2025 NFL Draft is drafted by a team that plays in a warm-weather city.

While football players must adjust to playing in all kinds of weather, the elder Sanders admitted that there is an impact on a player’s career if they are playing at a place where it is cold.  During an appearance on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio with Chris Russo, Sanders admitted he doesn’t want Shedeur going anywhere not warm for at least half his game during an NFL season.

Sanders told Russo:

“Like, I don’t want my kid going nowhere cold next year. He grew up in Texas.  He played in Jackson, played in Colorado.  Season’s over before it gets cold in Colorado.  I’m just thinking way ahead.  I don’t want that for him.”

Deion Sanders wants Shedeur Sanders to enter the NFL where he could be most successful

As most successful NFL quarterbacks have had to brave the elements like a Tom Brady playing in New England or an Aaron Rodgers playing in Green Bay and now New York, elite players are going to adjust and if Sanders is one of the top QB’s entering the 2025 NFL Draft, he will need to adapt.

Although Brady grew up in California, he played his college football in Michigan, so going to Massachusetts wasn’t a big adjustment weather wise.  That’s what Sanders is alluding to.  When a player plays their college football in a warm environment, then suddenly is drafted by a team where it’s cold, it could impact a players success as Sanders feels like it will with Caleb Williams going from USC to Chicago.

Sanders continued:

"A kid that's coming from California for the last couple years, right? And went to Oklahoma. That's not terribly cold. Chicago's cold, man. You gotta think about that kind of stuff when you're taking a young man."

Now, Deion is speaking as a dad and former NFL player in wanting the best possible situation and climate for his son, but as a coach he knows his players capabilities and in what elements he is most effective.  At the same time, he should be promoting Shedeur’s toughness and ability to be an impact on the field no matter where and in what conditions he plays.  He’s now given NFL scouts something to think about in evaluating Sanders for next season.

Shedeur Sanders avoided cold weather climates by not entering 2024 NFL Draft

By not entering the 2024 NFL Draft, Shedeur may have avoided a scenario in which he was drafted by a cold-weather team like the Patriots, Broncos, Jets or Giants.  While three of those teams are positioned to draft one of the top prospects, the Colorado quarterback would be a Day 2 or Day 3 prospect.  That’s where teams who already have a quarterback like the Jets could take a shot at Sanders.

In coming off a college season in which he passed for 3,230 yards for 27 touchdowns, Shedeur and the Buffaloes took the college football world by storm with a quick start in the 2023 season.  The team ultimately finished at 4-8 and was quite humbled in how they closed out the season. 

This upcoming season, the Sanders father and son duo won’t sneak up on anyone, but at the same time the 2023 experience will make Colorado a tougher opponent as all NFL eyes will be on one of the top signal callers entering the 2025 NFL Draft.

As far as which teams could be on the hunt for a QB in that NFL Draft.  Assuming teams like the Patriots, Broncos, Commanders, Bears and Broncos get quarterbacks, warm weather teams like the Saints, Falcons and Panthers are potential landing spots.  The Falcons have Kirk Cousins, but given his age, Atlanta is a team that could be looking to find a young QB to learn behind him.  Sanders would be a good fit and boy would Deion love that!