Top 10 No. 5 overall picks in NFL Draft history

These top picks proved to be legendary selections
San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers - October 15, 2006
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While teams who end up with the No. 5 pick in the NFL Draft are often disappointed they just missed out on the top spot in the order, history has shown that picking in this area has been a fruitful spot for some of the best skill position players and pass rushers the game has ever seen.

While the first few picks can often be spent on top quarterback prospects that have a very high chance of busting, the league's desire to constantly find the next big thing at the quarterback spot pushes elite defensive players and secondary offensive threats down to No. 5 overall.

These 10 players immediately made an impact with their respective teams, cementing themselves as not only great players that contributed to winning, but franchise legends who wither currently have a bust in Canton or will get one once they officially retire.

Top 10 No. 5 Draft Picks in NFL Draft History

Honorable Mentions:
Craig Morton, Dallas Cowboys (1965)
Dave Butz, St. Louis Cardinals (1973)
John Dutton, Baltimore Colts (1974)
Kerry Collins, Carolina Panthers (1995)
Ricky Williams, New Orleans Saints (1999)

No. 10: John Niland, Dallas Cowboys (1966)

While Niland isn't on the tip of anyone's tongue when it comes to Tom Landry's Cowboys, he was a key member of one of the best offensive lines in league history. In a run-heavy attack, the former Iowa stud became one of the most reliable and excellent guards of his era.

Niland finished his 10-year career with six Pro Bowl nominations and three First Team All-Pro nods. Considering the hit and miss rate among lineman picked that high, getting Niland as one of Roger Staubach's main protectors was quite a great piece of draft evaluation by Landry's Dallas at the peak of their powers.

Jalen Ramsey was a tremendous No. 5 pick in the NFL Draft

No. 9: Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville Jaguars (2016)

The next man up in a line of great Florida State defensive backs, Ramsey was one of the best cornerbacks in the league the second he arrived in the league. While he has moved around a bit in the last few years, he is putting together a resume that will likely end with him getting a gold jacket.

Ramsey has been named a Pro Bowler in each of the last seven seasons, making All-Pro teams three times and serving as the main secondary piece for a Rams team that won a Super Bowl. Ramsey remains in near-elite form with the Dolphins, which bodes well for his chances of climbing up this list.