NFL trade rumors: Which teams should trade for Jalen Ramsey?

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All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey has requested a trade away from the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars. Which teams should pick up the phone and look to add the talented but controversial star?

Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey is unquestionably one of the best lockdown corners in the NFL today. Ramsey hasn’t missed a game in his 3+ year career after being drafted fifth overall by Jacksonville in the 2016 NFL Draft. After an All-Pro selection in 2017 and back-to-back Pro Bowl appearances, the rising star has grown more and more frustrated with his current situation in Jacksonville and now wants out.

Ramsey’s agent confirmed that the talented corner has requested a trade, the day after getting into a heated argument with head coach Doug Marrone on the sideline early in the Jags’ 13-12 loss to the Texans on Sunday.

While it appeared to be in relation to Marrone’s decision to not challenge a play that Ramsey was involved in early in the game, no one really knows quite what had Ramsey so upset. It could be a lot of things. After arguably one blown call away from a Super Bowl in 2017, the Jags had a huge letdown 5-11 season last year, and are off to an 0-2 start already in 2019. Quarterback Nick Foles was brought in to help Jacksonville get back to that playoff team from just a couple seasons ago, but after Foles broke his collarbone in week one it seems the Jags are going nowhere fast.

Coming into his prime as a corner, no one can blame Ramsey for wanting to be on a contending team. However, Ramsey hasn’t exactly been a perfect teammate during his time in Jacksonville. Be it fights on the field with the other team, arguments on the sideline with his coaches, or controversial statements to the media, Ramsey can be a bit of a headache as a team member.

So does the talent outweigh the concern? I’m sure it will for most teams in the league. Will someone be able and willing to land Ramsey for what the Jags are asking (reportedly at least one first-round pick)? That remains to be seen. But we’ll detail a few teams that should have the desire and the means to get a deal done for the All-Pro corner, and should be on the phone with Jacksonville right now. Each of these teams owns a 2020 first-round pick that could be the centerpiece of a potential Jalen Ramsey trade.