Rob Gronkowski reveals his top choices of NFL quarterbacks to play with: Josh Allen and Joe Burrow!

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski played his entire NFL career with Tom Brady, but he'd love to play with these two NFL star quarterbacks.
Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will return to Foxborough this weekend for the Army-Navy Game at Gillette Stadium.  Obviously, excited about the event and the return to the stadium where he made franchise history as a tight end, Gronk took some to speak with CBS Sports and answer some intriguing questions.

One of those questions was which two NFL quarterbacks would he love to play with if he was still in the game.  At the top of his list is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Cincinnati Bengals signal caller Joe Burrow

The Josh Allen-Rob Gronkowski connection would've been lethal

In playing all his career catching the ball from Tom Brady, choosing Burrow was no surprise, but one would think he would pick Kansas City Chiefs gunslinger Patrick Mahomes over Allen, but Gronk explains what led to his choice in the Bills star quarterback.

“I'll go with Josh AllenBuffalo Bills. I threw with him this year at ‘Tight End University.’”, Gronk said, per CBS Sports.  “Love his personality, love his attitude. I'm also from Buffalo so it's cool to see Josh Allen just be so successful. That would be a pretty cool guy to receive some passes from.”

Josh Allen
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Patriots’ fans even imagining Gronkowski in a Bills’ uniform would be horror, but Gronk in his prime in that offense would’ve made Allen an even more impactful quarterback in the NFL because of his ability to extend plays and get the ball down field.  With the way the Bills feature tight ends in their offense, the Allen to Gronkowski connection would’ve not only thrilled Bills Mafia but would’ve sent shudders through the NFL…just imagine.

Imagine Joe Burrow with a dominant tight end like Rob Gronkowski

The same can be said of Burrow, who hasn’t had that dominant pass-catching tight end as of yet.  At least Allen has the talent in Dawson Knox and rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid where one could envision the success Gronkowski would’ve had.  Burrow throwing the ball to one of the best tight ends in NFL history would’ve possibility rivaled that connect Gronk had with Brady.  Obviously, he connected those two players in marveling over Burrow.

“He's just cool, calm and collected in the pocket,” Gronk said.  “I watched him at LSU, that one year that he had. He's just an unbelievable leader, and he kind of reminds me of Tom Brady in the pocket as well. Just being so calm and delivering the ball to the wide receiver just so easily.”


In playing his entire NFL career catching the ball from Brady in New England and with the Buccaneers, it is tough to imagine Rob Gronkowski playing with any other quarterback, but the two he mentions are not surprising.  Both quarterbacks can make players around them better and both would be just that much better with Gronk in their offense.

Of course, a dominant playmaker like Gronkowski would elevate either to greater heights.  What if right?