NFL Hot Takes: If Russell Wilson wants to ‘win two Super Bowls’, this AFC North team is his best fit

Could Russell Wilson end up in the AFC North?

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson
Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Will Russell Wilson continue his NFL career with the Denver Broncos in 2024?

That is one of the big stories this offseason as the veteran quarterback and Super Bowl champion could be released from his current team.  If it was up to Wilson, he would remain in Denver where he hopes to hoist a couple more Lombardi Trophies.  At least that is what he said during an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast that aired on Sunday Night.

Speaking to Brandon Marshall, the 35-year-old quarterback made it clear where his commitment is.

“I’ve got more fire than ever, honestly, especially over the past two years of what I’ve gone through,” Wilson told Marshall in the podcast, as transcribed by ESPN.  “Whether it’s in Denver or somewhere else, I hope it’s in Denver, I hope I get to finish there.  I committed there, I wanted to be there.  I want to be there.”

Wilson said a lot with those words, but mixed in there is an awareness that his days in a Broncos uniform could be numbered.  As ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on SportsCenter, rumblings around the NFL are that Sean Payton and the Broncos will eat $39 million in guaranteed money and release Wilson, which would add to the free agency frenzy the NFL is about to face.

NFL Rumors: Will Russell Wilson suit up again for the Denver Broncos?

Though Wilson looked like the Seattle Seahawks version of the Wilson during the middle to later part of the 2023 NFL season, he was still benched to end the season.  The speculation around the league was that the benching was due to Wilson not restructuring his contract.  If true, Fowler’s report would make sense. 

Russell Wilson, Sean Payton
Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton and QB Russell Wilson / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

What would also ring true is the Broncos may not see Wilson as their answer.  If he was, he would’ve been on the field with the team still having an outside chance of squeaking into the playoffs.

Still, through all that, Wilson is expressing his desire to stay in Denver and win a couple more Super Bowls?

"For me, it's about winning -- over the next two years, I want to win two [Super Bowls], I want to feel the chill of that trophy again," Wilson continued. "I love the city and everything else, but you also want to be [in] a place that wants you, too. The thing I want to do is to win, that's all I care about."

When he says he wants to be in a place that wants him, the Broncos don’t appear to be that team, which could free him up for a team that makes sense.

Russell Wilson makes too much sense for the Pittsburgh Steelers

When it comes to a team out there where Wilson could be in position to contend for a Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers instantly come to mind.  Although the offense was inconsistent throughout the 2023 NFL season, they are a weapon and a quarterback away from really making some noise in the AFC, especially with their defense.

Now, the Steelers are a team rumored to be in on Justin Fields if the Bears decide to trade him, but a veteran quarterback like Wilson could be a better fit for Mike Tomlin and his squad given the way he led the Seahawks in the days of the Legion of Boom.  A solid defense along with an offense centered around a strong running game and pass-catching tight ends is where Wilson could still strive.

With receivers like Diontae Johnson and George Pickens on the outside, the Steelers are reminiscent of those Seahawks teams.  Not saying the Steelers would be instant favorites with Wilson at quarterback, but they would be at least a contender with the defense they have.

Out of all the teams searching for a quarterback, Wilson to the Steelers is not just the hot take here, it’s a pretty good bet.