NFL draft analyst gives every reason Patriots must draft Drake Maye in latest mock draft

Why the Patriots can't pass up on Drake Maye.
NFL Combine: Drake Maye
NFL Combine: Drake Maye / Kara Durrette/GettyImages

The New England Patriots will take one of the top quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft.  The biggest question is which one will they take.  Another big possibility is will it be someone outside of the top 3 prospects. In his latest NFL mock draft, draft analyst Chad Reuter puts that all to rest and explains why Drake Maye is the obvious choice.

Now, the Patriots potentially selecting Maye is not completely in their hands.  If the Washington Commanders, drafting at No. 2 decides to opt for Maye over LSU’s Jayden Daniels, then the Patriots will have another dilemma, unless Daniels was their man all long.

Another possibility for New England is either trading back and selecting a quarterback later in the draft or opting to select Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy.  If they do, they later, they could trade out of No. 3, gain more draft capital and still get a QB they are targeting. 

2024 NFL Draft: Why New England Patriots must make Drake Maye their man

As draft rumors swirl, so does mock drafts.  Despite rumors and speculation on what teams may or may not do, Reuter has the top 4 quarterbacks coming off the board in the first four picks with the Patriots sticking to their guns and drafting the big gun in Maye because of what they have seen in another AFC East quarterback.

Reuter writes:

“New England has watched Josh Allen win 21 of 26 contests against AFC East foes since the start of the decade, throwing for over 7,000 yards with 57 touchdowns, to go along with 1,000 yards and 10 scores on the ground, against division opponents. If Maye's game reminds Jerod Mayo and Co. of the big-bodied, strong-armed Allen, then it could be tough for the Pats to pass him up.”

The new Patriots head coach has had to help the defense against Allen over the past few seasons.  While McCarthy or Daniels will come with their own attributes, Mayo and the Patriots may have better success going with a big QB who can move in the pocket and create plays.

Mayo and de facto GM Eliot Wolf was front and center during Maye’s Pro Day and will host Maye on a pre-draft visit this weekend.  The Patriots will continue to do their homework on these QB prospects, particularly Maye.   With teams being hungry for a QB in this draft, the Patriots will face temptation in trading out of the pick.  But as one of those QB hungry teams, if a signal caller with Josh Allen’s ability is sitting there, you get your quarterback and that is what Reuter is urging the Patriots to do in his latest mock.