Jayden Daniels is a first round talent in 2024 NFL Draft

The Jayden Daniels hype train has left the station. The LSU star has firmly entered the QB3 discussion at the 2024 NFL Draft.
Quarterback Jayden Daniels 5 as the LSU Tigers take on Texas A&M in Tiger Stadium in Baton
Quarterback Jayden Daniels 5 as the LSU Tigers take on Texas A&M in Tiger Stadium in Baton / SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA

The LSU Tigers have witnessed an up-and-down season in 2023, but one player who has risen to the occasion time and time again is quarterback Jayden Daniels. The former Arizona State Sun Devil transferred to Baton Rouge before the 2022 campaign, joining forces with new head coach Brian Kelly.

Jayden Daniels Is In The Midst Of A Legendary Season For LSU

While Daniels performed admirably in his first season on campus, including a stunning upset of Alabama last November, he saved his best for last. In 2023, the 22-year-old signal-caller has boosted his completion percentage to an astonishing 72.2. Want more?

Daniels also boasts production in raw counting stats, such as a career-high in passing yards (3,812), passing touchdowns (40), and rushing yards (1,134). When you add his ten rushing touchdowns, that makes for an even 50 on the season. These numbers highlight why Daniels should be firmly in the Heisman Trophy discussion — if not the front-runner.

But we’ve seen quarterbacks put up gaudy statistics in college and then fail to live up to their billing in the NFL. While Daniels isn’t without his flaws, there’s plenty of evidence on tape showing why the LSU star has all the requisite skills to not only survive on Sundays but to thrive.

At 6-foot-4 and weighing just north of 200 pounds, his frame is far and away the biggest red flag. Will Daniels, with his flag pole build, be able to sustain hits from NFL-sized defenders? To his credit, the young quarterback has added bulk since arriving in Louisiana. There’s reason to believe he can add more weight in a professional training room.

Daniels Is A Favorite To Be QB3 At The 2024 NFL Draft

As far as talent, he has gobs of it. His arm strength allows him to make any throw in the playbook, flexing remarkable strength and zip on passes downfield. Daniels regularly hits tight windows, and even with his risk-averse nature, he is never shy to push the ball past the sticks.

In terms of processing, Daniels has grown immensely in 2023. He surveys the field better than in previous years, taking advantage of the uber-talented receivers at his disposal. Sure, Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr. make life easier on Daniels, but I guarantee if you ask them, they’d say the same about their quarterback.

As a runner, Daniels can transcend into superstardom. His vision is exceptional, and the ability to hit his top gear in the blink of an eye causes stress on all levels of the defense. Flushing a quarterback out of the pocket is typically a good thing for defenders, but not with Daniels -- he can terrorize units on the ground.

The hype is starting to build for Jayden Daniels as the QB3 behind Caleb Williams and Drake Maye in the 2024 NFL Draft. Hoisting the Heisman Trophy will only further fuel the bandwagon. The good news? The tape matches the stat sheet. Daniels is a legitimate Day 1 prospect who has a chance to cement that billing with an impressive pre-draft process.