NFL analyst and Mac Jones apologist feels Patriots 'broken' QB needs to be exiled to the bench

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has his biggest defender leaping off the bandwagon.
New England Patriots v New York Giants
New England Patriots v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

It’s time for the New England Patriots to move on from Mac Jones.  After yet another benching in the Week 12 loss to the New York Giants even ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky, a Jones supporter, has caved and feel it’s time for the third year QB to have a seat.

With midweek indication that Bill Belichick will roll with Bailey Zappe to start against the Los Angeles Chargers over Jones, it seems the team is perhaps setting their sights on one of the top quarterbacks in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft.

Of course, with Belichick you never know, but Mac Jones has done nothing to deserve to continue starting for the Patriots.  Even Orlovsky, a former NFL coach who has defended Jones, can see its time for him to be benched.  It’s not that Zappe has done any better, but Jones is just so broken, the ESPN analyst just feels its time sit him down.

During his weekly appearance with WEEI’s Jones and Mego, Orlovsky was asked if he thought Zappe would do any better in the Patriots’ offense than Mac Jones and he gave his honest opinion that no QB would be successful in New England’s woeful offense, but its more about how bad and disjointed Jones looks.

“I believe it’s time to sit Mac Jones, because of everything that has gone down,” Orlovsky said when answering the question on whether Belichick should go with Zappe over Jones.  “Mac is a broken player.  He just is.  He’s a broken competitor right now.”

Mac Jones has been his own biggest obstacle as the Patriots signal caller

While the offensive line and playmakers around Jones hasn’t been anything to get excited about, Mac Jones has been his own worst enemy on the field.  He has made some good plays, but he has decision making doesn’t look like the quarterback who debuted in the NFL with a strong rookie season.

Again, the Patriots are at fault for what they did and didn’t put around Jones, but as a player, as a competitor, he hasn’t shown leadership and has seemingly wilted under adversity, which is another point Orlovsky brought up to support why he believes its time to let Jones try to get right watching from the bench.

“To deal with adversity at that position,” he said.  “It’s not an individualized journey.  It’s easy for anybody to sit here and say that, ‘Well, Mac hasn’t dealt with adversity well’.  Well, to deal with adversity at the quarterback spot is not a solo journey.  It’s just not.  It’s the most dependent position in all of professional sports.”

With that said, Orlovsky doesn’t feel Mac Jones has that support system in New England.  Sure, players and coaches have talked the game, but with how miserable as a season the team has had thus far, the former No. 15 overall pick has become the scapegoat and really hasn’t done much to prove anything wrong.


In fact, he has turned believers into critics and proved those who were already critics right.The next question for the Alabama product is can he lead any team in the NFL.If there is a way to fix a broken quarterback, what team, what coach, what system will serve as the remedy?