Los Angeles Rams: 3 fascinating NFL prospects team should target in the 2024 NFL Draft

With a possible top 10 pick for the first time in years the draft executives for the Los Angeles Rams need to be paying close attention as the CFB season comes to a close.
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Taliese Fuaga: Power and Versatility in the Trenches

Dominating the line of scrimmage: When it comes to building a successful team, winning the battle in the trenches is of paramount importance. This is where Taliese Fuaga enters the picture. As a versatile and powerful defensive lineman, Fuaga can disrupt offensive plays and create havoc in the backfield.

Key attributes and playing style: Fuaga's raw strength and explosiveness give him a significant advantage over his opponents. His ability to shed blocks and collapse the pocket forces quarterbacks to make hurried decisions, resulting in turnovers and sacks. Additionally, Fuaga's agility and quickness allow him to chase down ball carriers and make plays in the open field.

Adding Fuaga to the Rams' defensive front

The Rams' defense is known for its dominant front line, and Taliese Fuaga would fit right in. His presence would immediately boost the team's pass rush and run defense. Moreover, Fuaga's versatility allows him to line up at multiple positions along the defensive line, giving the Rams the flexibility to rotate players and keep their unit fresh throughout the games. He is a run blocking solution, paving the way for a later round selection of Michigan RB Blake Corum to be very exciting and effective.


As the Rams gear up for the upcoming NFL Draft, they have a golden opportunity to secure top-tier talent that will strengthen their team for years.

Chop Robinson, Cooper DeJean, and Taliese Fuaga are three exceptional prospects with the skills and attributes that align perfectly with the Rams' needs and defensive philosophy. Adding these players to their roster would bolster their strengths and provide valuable depth and competition within their respective positions. The NFC West is up next in our NFL Mocks mid-season mock draft series, check back next week to see how the Rans go in our mock draft.