2024 NFL Mock Draft: Exhilarating first-round selections for each NFC East team

Commanders win the NFC EAST mock draft round one, getting a franchise changing defender.
Louisiana v Florida State
Louisiana v Florida State / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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As we approach the cold post-midpoint of the NFL season, it's time to speculate about the future of the league. The NFC East has always been a competitive division, and the 2024 season has been no less exciting. As we continue the NFL Mocks mid-season mock drafts, we focus on the NFC East, focusing on the Giants and Commanders rebuilds while the Cowboys and Eagles push towards the NFC Championship.

The Giants at 2-8 will get the No.2 overall pick. There is a huge decision to make, which centers around Danny Dimes. Is it time to move on from Saquan and Jones or build for them? 

The Commanders are drafting 10th overall, with additional draft capital from the Chase/Sweat trades, but now have to rebuild their defense and get some protection for Sam Kirk Cousins Jr Howell.

Cowboys are looking like a contender at times this season, and in a weak NFC, should make the playoffs, but their notoriously bad Decembers and getting the Eagles in the first round have them drafting at No.22. 

Eagles have the best record in the NFL at 8-1 and are sure-fire Super Bowl contenders. In this mock draft, we are designating them as Super Bowl victors and the draft at No. 32. Sadly, the great Jason Kelce uses this as a platform to spring his media career and retires after 12 seasons, two Super Bowl rings and the No. 1 ranked sports podcast.

The Bears draft at number 1 and take Caleb Williams, so the Giants are now on the clock in the NFL Mocks mid-season mock draft for the NFC East.