Kirk Cousins trade rumors: Vikings QB could change the narrative for these 3 NFL teams

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is an intriguing name to watch as the NFL Trade Deadline approaches.
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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Intriguing destination: New York Jets would be solid with Kirk Cousins

Yes, Zack Wilson is starting to play well, but for the New York Jets to be a factor in the AFC East, adding a veteran like Kirk Cousins could at least keep them in the mix in the division and conference whether Aaron Rodgers returns later this season or not.

Speaking of Rodgers, Cousins’ name was tossed out there as soon as the star quarterback went down with a season-ending injury to start the 2023 NFL season.  With the Jets standing at 2-3, the season isn’t lost.  They not only have a strong defense, but they have some playmakers Cousins can excel with.  One of those playmakers include running back Dalvin Cook who played with Cousins in Minnesota.

In fact, the veteran quarterback was hoping the Vikings found a way to bring Cook back, so the two could try to reunite in New York if the interest in Cousins is real for the Jets.

Cook, along with Breece Hall and wide receivers Garrett Wilson and Allen Lazard would give Cousins a nice core to work with.  The receivers aren’t Jefferson and Addison but can thrive with a veteran like Cousins behind center in a similar fashion as they would’ve with Aaron Rodgers.

In all, this would be a rental for the Jets and an opportunity for Cousins to play for the next big contract as he approaches free agency.   It is also intriguing for the Jets in case Rodgers decides to return, which he hasn’t given any indication that he plans to.  If that comes into place, the Jets then can look at Cousins more long-term.