Kirk Cousins trade rumors: Vikings QB could change the narrative for these 3 NFL teams

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is an intriguing name to watch as the NFL Trade Deadline approaches.
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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Dark Horse: New England Patriots need a veteran who can lead the offense (for now)

Why would it make sense to trade Kirk Cousins from one 1-4 team to another 1-4 team?

Well, if the New England Patriots don’t turn into instant sellers, adding a veteran quarterback like Cousins could help Bill Belichick and Bill O’Brien turn the season around and at least have a veteran quarterback in place to either help Mac Jones or the next young quarterback they draft.

If the Patriots stick with Belichick as their head coach the rest of this season and next, tanking or even a flat out rebuild won’t be in the equation.  Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft is still in a win now mentality and if they have a veteran in place, they will have the resources to build that offense around Cousins while Belichick focuses on the defense.  With what could be a high draft pick and a ton of cap space, the Patriots could afford to extend Cousins, draft the next quarterback (assuming they move on from Mac Jones) and obtain some top offensive talent via trade and free agency.

Unless the Patriots win the next couple of games and Mac Jones is looking like the rookie version of Mac Jones, nothing can be ruled out.  Even if they win and start to turn the season around, they could still turn to a veteran like Cousins to get the rest of the team believing and buying in again.

In conclusion, a trade to the Patriots would be more about next season than the rest of this season depending on how low things get in New England.