All Eyes on Drake Maye: North Carolina star impresses with air show at NFL Pro Day

Drake Maye knows how to show off his arm.
NFL Combine - Drake Maye
NFL Combine - Drake Maye / Kara Durrette/GettyImages

North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye had something to say during his NFL Pro Day workout on Thursday.  With NFL teams watching intently, one of the top QB prospects entering the 2024 NFL Draft impressed with his arm talent and ability to make throws.

The question is, did he impress teams holding the top picks in the NFL Draft enough to make him the No. 2 or No. 3 QB off the board? 

Drake Maye makes a statement with his arm, 2024 NFL Draft QB prospect impresses at pro day

Whether its Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, J.J. McCarthy or Maye, each QB prospect has unique qualities that set them apart from the other.  When it comes to Maye, that quality is his arm talent and he put it on display, attempted over 70 passes at his pro day.  Not all of his passes were top notch, but there were enough impressive passes that would make it hard for teams in attendance like the New England Patriots to pass up, especially given his size and how well he can deliver the deep ball.

Take a look:

Although he had no defenders in his face, the ability to roll out and deliver the deep ball is what makes Maye an intriguing QB prospect, especially for teams at the top of the draft looking for signal callers who can manipulate the pocket.  Maye doesn’t stand out like Williams or Daniels, but he does have the ability.

One NFL analyst in attendance was encouraged by what he saw.

Per NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks:

"It's a really good performance. I know it's not perfect and pro day performances, as much as we want them to be perfect, I actually am more encouraged by the misses and the corrections after the misses than anything. The talent is there. He is the prototype."

At 6-foot-4, 233 pounds, Maye has the prototype size and talent to lead a franchise, but will it translate to the NFL level?  Will he be the next Josh Allen or the next Mitchell Trubisky?

Well, that is going to depend on which team and situation he lands in and how patient that team is. 

If it is a team like the Patriots, are they patient enough to let him slowly grow into the role.  That is a reason they signed a veteran like Jacoby Brissett on a one-year deal.

If a team like the Minnesota Vikings trade up to select Maye or he somehow slips to them at No. 11, they the kind of offense where Maye can step in on Day 1 and not have too much pressure on him to be the man.

With his arm talent, which includes a combination of velocity and accuracy, whatever team who selects him can walk away from his pro day workout both impressed and with confirmation of the skill he brings from the QB position, flaws and all.