Budda Baker trade rumors: 3 NFL teams who should be salivating to add Cardinals star safety

If the Arizona Cardinals entertain the idea of trading Budda Baker, here are 3 NFL teams who should be first in line to acquire the star safety.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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Roaring loud: Detroit Lions can really make some noise

How about those Detroit Lions!  At 5-1, the squad in the Motor City won’t be sellers when it comes to the NFL Trade Deadline, they will be out to tweak their team, primarily their defense.

Led by Aidan Hutchinson, the Lions defense has some nice players on defense, including rookie defensive back Brian Branch and rookie linebacker Jack Campbell.  As exciting as those players have been, Detroit could use a veteran leader with a hunger to win.  That is where Budda Baker would fit in nicely with the Lions.

The five-time Pro-Bowler is a versatile safety who is impactful against the run and the pass.  He would not only support the front seven in stopping the opposing team’s run attack, he would be a force in the secondary limiting the opponent’s pass attack. 

As far as what the Lions would give up acquiring Baker?

With the success of the draft class this season, the Lions can more than afford to give up a high round pick for Baker, even a first round pick assuming that pick would be a late first-rounder given where the Lions are currently in the standings.

The Cardinals would be crazy to turn that down, especially with Baker possibly exploring free agency after the 2023 NFL season.