2024 NFL Mock Draft: Trades impact each NFC South team's first-round selection

Carolina Panthers traded last year, Atlanta Falcons move down, New Orleans Saints move up and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win in our NFL Mock Draft featuring NFC South teams.
Texas A&M v LSU
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LSU l Heisman Winner. Jayden Daniels. 48. QB. . Jayden Daniels. player. Nsmd19. . 19

Up at No.19, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select LSU QB Jayden Daniels. The Falcon's hesitation is the Buccaneer's reward. This draft will come back to haunt the Falcons for sure now.

Jayden Daniels had a spectacular year, which ended with winning the Heisman Trophy. His ability to play multiple positions was highlighted throughout the season, with him throwing for over 3,800 yards and 40 touchdowns while rushing for over 1,100 yards and ten touchdowns. The only downside to his success is the hype surrounding him, which may have caused him to be slightly overvalued. Early in November, he was predicted to be a third-rounder in the 2024 NFL Draft. We had him drafted by the Packers at No. 74 overall in the NFC North mock draft, but since Quin Ewers decided to return to Texas and Jordan Travis's injury, the quarterback pool has diminished.

Jayden Daniels had an outrageous 2023 season, leading in most statistical categories. His athletic capabilities are remarkable, with a rumored 4.5 40-yard dash time. His 6'3" frame allows him to gain significant yardage as a runner.

Daniels is also very good at avoiding pressure and recognizing open lanes for running. His arm strength is remarkable, letting him hit targets on all three field levels with ease and quick releasing, especially on short and intermediate throws.

Daniels is skilled at throwing on the run, focusing on targets downfield and throwing accurately across his body. He is adept at making sound decisions and reading complete- and half-field plays. His drops are consistent, with smooth footwork and a compact throwing motion. He can step into pressure for accurate throws during collapsing plays. His running ability is outstanding, especially on QB-run-designed plays. He uses his running skills to set up passing opportunities and controls the game's tempo with his QB power, counter, and draw plays. His leadership qualities are unparalleled, with no athletic limitations and fitting the dual-threat QB profile, making him the perfect quarterback.

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Jayden is an explosive player, but the Jamarcus Russell 2.0 comparisons are a tad concerning. However, this is a no-brainer for the Bucs once he slipped past 18 and the Falcons.All that's left is to re-sign Mike Evans and beef up the O-line, and Daniels will be Jamis Winston 2.0 without all the picks.