Heisman Watch: Why LSU QB Jayden Daniels is not Jamarcus Russell 2.0

LSU's Jayden Daniels is not Jamarcus Russell 2.0 He is a legit dual threat and then some.
LSU v Mississippi State
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Breathe, LSU fans. The future of Louisiana State University's football program is brighter than ever. A shining star has emerged from the ranks, redefining the quarterback position with his phenomenal skills and leadership. Yes, we're talking about Jayden Daniels, the player who has captured the hearts of college football enthusiasts nationwide.

Born and raised in San Bernardino, California, Daniels was destined for greatnessfrom a young age. His passion for football was evident, and he quickly made his mark in high school football, where he demonstrated exceptional athletic abilities.

His impressive high school career led him to LSU, where he continues to excel as the team's leading quarterback. His dedication, discipline, and unparalleled skills have already etched his name in LSU's football history annals.

NFL Draft prospect Jayden Daniels is not JaMarcus Russell 

Many comparisons have been drawn between Daniels and former LSU star JaMarcus Russell. Russell and Daniels both stand at 6'4 -plus, big, strong-armed LSU QBs.  

That's where the comparison should end. While Russell had his moments of brilliance, Daniels' consistency and adaptability set him apart. Russell held a 61.9 percent completion rate while throwing 52 TDs to 21 TDs, great enough to be the No.1 overall selection by the Raiders in 2007. Daniels eclipses Russel in every way: faster, stronger, more intelligent. His 70 percent completion rate and 42 TDs to just 6 INTs while at LSU show he is not the next JaMarcus Russell.

On throws of 20-plus yards, Daniels is completing 69 percent of his attempts , ranksing No. 1 in the country. His 13:0 touchdown-to-interception ratio on those throws while leading college football on touchdown passes of 20-plus yards, just ahead of Caleb Williamsand Sam Hartwell.

He has mastered the art of scrambling and maintaining the chain movement while proving himself to be a valuable pocket passer, and he is a legitimate dual threat.

Yes, you heard it right. Daniels is not just a good scrambler; he is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) scrambler in LSU history. His ability to evade defenders and keep plays alive has been awe-inspiring. Daniels is Anthony Richardson with Trevor Lawrence's passing ability. 

While Daniels' stats are impressive, what truly sets him apart is his vision and pocket presence. His numbers speak for themselves, with a completion rate of 73.1 percent, 2573 passing yards and 25 touchdowns with only three interceptions. But beyond the numbers, his ability to make the right decisions under pressure makes him a Heisman contender.

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The Heisman Trophy — a dream for any college football player. And for Daniels, it's not just a dream; it's a possibility and should be a probability. With his consistent performances and growing influence on the team, Daniels has placed himself firmly in the Heisman Trophy conversation but is still just a +450 favorite to win. 

Draft status is risingas his TDs pile up this year. He is a better prospect then any of the four QBs taken in 2023. however In acrowded QB Class, Daniels could be a mid-to-late first rounder and a steal for a team wanting to upgrade their QB… Tampa Bay, I’m looking at you, he can also tush-push.