Green Bay Packers 2023 Mock Draft: New WR1, OL Help On The Way

2023 NFL Mock Draft, Quentin Johnston. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
2023 NFL Mock Draft, Quentin Johnston. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Green Bay Packers are struggling, and this 7-round 2023 NFL Mock Draft gives them more offensive line help, a new WR1, and more.

The 2022 season has turned into a nightmare for the Green Bay Packers. There were high expectations for a defense flush with first-round picks on it, and while missing Davante Adams would sting, having Aaron Rodgers would hopefully find a groove with the young receivers at some point.

After a slow start against Minnesota, it felt like the ship was put back on course with wins over Chicago and Tampa Bay. But, nearly losing to the Patriots with Bailey Zappe manning things under center set off red flags. Those flags came true, and the Packers now sit at 3-4 having lost three straight games to the Giants, Jets, and Commanders.

Green Bay Packers 7-Round Mock Draft: A New WR1 and OL Upgrades

The defense isn’t playing to its potential. Rodgers looks flustered, is struggling with deep balls, and has wanted to play too much hero ball. The offensive line hasn’t been consistent. The receiver room hasn’t generated sufficient separation versus man coverage when faced with it.

Nothing is working, and Matt LaFleur has to shoulder this blame, even when it feels like the offensive play calling is fine. Either things aren’t being followed, or he’s lost the locker room a bit, or a bit of both.

Can things turn around? Maybe! Don’t rule it out yet. But, a Super Bowl is unattainable at this point, and we take a peek into 2023. The Packers have big decisions to make in the offseason, especially with Rodgers and a couple others. So, let’s look at how the Packers might be able to reload should Rodgers stick around for a couple more runs at a title.

Round 1, 15th Overall: Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU

I’m not big on doing this. The Green Bay Packers don’t select first-round receivers, so why bother doing it here? Well, a couple things. Adding a receiver later is fine to fill a bucket that is missing, but ultimately, having an alpha over several guys that fill buckets needs to be a focus at some point. Also, perhaps a player who can jump in immediately and shoulder expectations should help restore faith in running the LaFleur offense.

Quentin Johnston hasn’t put up gaudy numbers in his TCU career, perhaps until 2022. He has 38 catches for 574 yards and three touchdowns through seven games, and his last three have accounted for a lot of that total. Over his career, he’s averaging over 18 yards per reception.

Johnston is a vertical threat with unreal acceleration and long speed. He can stack defenders quickly and separate with speed down the field. Everything is vertical for him, which gets defenders to open up quickly, giving him easy separation underneath. Where Johnston really shines is after the catch, where he’s always setting his feet well to take advantage of space and make defenders miss. Once he’s in open space, he’ll leave you in the dust. Oh, and he’s 6’4″ and can win contested balls. A ball-winner, vertical threat, and YAC threat? Sign the Packers up.