Houston Texans: Tyrod Taylor leading the first-team offense at camp

The Houston Texans have maybe the most cringe-worthy situation at QB in the NFL. Tyrod Taylor took first-team reps as the Texans opened camp.

The Houston Texans have opened their 2021 training camp, and the new regime is dealing with undoubtedly the most cringe-worthy situation in the entire league. Quarterback Deshaun Watson decided not to forsake $50,000 per day by skipping camp and reported for work.

Watson has demanded a trade, the Houston Texans seem somewhat ready to oblige, but Watson is also facing 22 civil lawsuits for alleged sexual misconduct.

At this point, there have been no official criminal charges filed against Watson, so he’s not been suspended by the Houston Texans or the NFL. With that being said, the team is clearly not ignoring his serious situation or demands.

Free agent acquisition Tyrod Taylor took first-team reps at Texans training camp according to Cole Thompson, who is on site.

After Taylor, Thompson reported the pecking order was rookie Davis Mills and then Jeff Driskel.

Watson is, however, in attendance. His stance remains the same but again, he’s not going to forsake $50K per day to make his point. Watson wants out, but he still has to be out there on the field to get his money.

Watson apparently came out to practice wearing his non-contact red jersey and then removed the jersey at some point.

How awkward is this situation?

You can pretty much feel the tension no matter where you are reading these updates. It’s already awkward enough for Watson to be out there amidst some very serious allegations. It’s another thing for the Houston Texans to have him out there and basically imposing their own sort of suspension by not putting him on the field for team reps.

The situation is extremely complicated, but the Houston Texans should really be doing everything possible to get Watson traded as soon as they can. As ugly as their roster looks heading into 2021 training camp, it’s way worse that they are simultaneously dealing with this situation.

The Texans really had to open training camp with Deshaun Watson, a legitimate MVP candidate on the field, as their fourth quarterback behind the likes of Davis Mills and Jeff Driskel?

This is an embarrassment for their organization all around, but unfortunately, there’s really not a whole lot they can do for the time being.