Fantasy Football: 3 Players who are helped/hurt by going to new teams

2021 NFL Free Agency, Jonnu Smith. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
2021 NFL Free Agency, Jonnu Smith. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Kenny Golladay, Fantasy Football
Fantasy Football 2021: New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay /

The NFL draft is the unofficial start of the fantasy football season, but the first day of free agency and then the subsequent trades that follow, are just as exciting for fantasy owners.  From blockbuster mega deals to the small under-the-radar signings, there is always a flurry of moves that have fantasy football players pulling out their tiny notepads and scribbling down their next savvy move.  However, predicting the outcomes can be challenging.  Sometimes, it is downright impossible.

Consider last year when Stefon Diggs went from Minnesota where he had Adam Thielen as a running mate, was a clear star, and had a QB who had no problems chucking it to him as much as he could. Then, in a shocking trade, the Buffalo Bills made the swap and traded a first-round pick (which turned into Justin Jefferson) for Stefon Diggs.

Fantasy Football: Picking the right players on new teams

Most fantasy managers saw this as a huge downgrade in QB quality. We wrote him off as a WR2, maybe, and moved on to brighter, shinier players. Some of them, like DeAndre Hopkins, went to a new situation and didn’t miss a beat. He was still an absolute WR1 and dominated when he and Kyler Murray shared the field. Others, like Todd Gurley, showed that the wheels had indeed come off and no situation was going to save him from his limitations.

So what do you do? Well, lucky enough, I have your back and I have delved into the players who have signed in new places, or have been traded, and have come up with the three you should grab in your fantasy football draft, and the three you should avoid lest you become your league’s basement dweller. Please note all ADPs are based on 12-team, half-point PPR.