Jordan Love is ready to be the Packers’ starting quarterback

At least for the time being, Jordan Love is QB1 with the Green Bay Packers. The 2020 first-round pick has been getting valuable QB1 reps at OTAs as Aaron Rodgers is officially holding out.

Love spoke with reporters at Packers OTAs and was asked whether or not he would be ready if he was named the week one starter for the 2021 season.

Many were quick to jump in the comments section and ask out loud, what is he supposed to say?

Of course, Love should not say that he’s not ready or that he feels like he needs more time learning from Rodgers or something. The guy is a competitor, we all expect a rather competitive answer. The “by-the-book” answer, however, would have been more along the lines of Love saying that he’s just taking things day by day, that’s up to the coaches, or something of that nature.

As a matter of fact, he did follow up by saying he’s just taking it day-by-day, so he did revert back to the book there, to be fair.

To come right on out and say “100 percent” and that playing quarterback is what he was drafted by the Packers to do exudes a level of confidence that is not typical of a young guy sitting behind an all-time great.

Again, competitors don’t want to sit on the bench or hold a clipboard.

It helps that Love apparently had an awesome day at practice as well.

Right now, it’s just OTAs. There’s nothing to overreact to at the moment, but the longer Aaron Rodgers’ holdout lasts, the more appealing Jordan Love might become to the Green Bay Packers.

At this point, it seems as though literally nothing has changed on the Aaron Rodgers front. Almost all reports indicate that Rodgers remains dug into his stance of not playing for the Packers again, and certainly the people inside the Packers’ organization know how serious he is about it.

That would include Jordan Love, who stands to benefit the most from Rodgers’ holdout, however long it lasts.

Only time will tell if Love is truly ready for the regular season, but he’s got a pretty good roster around him, despite the Packers’ lack of investment high in the NFL Draft on receivers and tight ends in the last decade.

The infrastructure for Green Bay is there for Jordan Love to have early success with a strong running game and defense to back him up. He’s ready, the question is whether or not the Packers are as well.