Jacksonville Jaguars rookie James Robinson’s best trait

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie RB James Robinson has seized a RB1 job because of this trait.

Despite the perception from many NFL pundits and fans all over, the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t appear to be deliberately tanking.

They have traded and cut many veteran players with strong NFL pedigrees, but the Jaguars have assembled a roster that, if it can stay healthy, is both young and talented with some nice upside.

In addition to having some nice young pieces already, the Jaguars are getting. strong contributions from their 2020 rookie class in the early stages of this season.

Not the least of which is running back James Robinson, an undrafted player out of FCS program Illinois State.

Robinson was one of the best players in Illinois State history, ranking second in the school’s record books in all-time rushing yards. As is typically the case in the NFL Draft, a good running back fell through the cracks and into a really great situation.

The Jaguars have made Robinson their RB1, but it wasn’t just the fact that they cut Leonard Fournette that got Robinson the gig — this kid can really play.


What does Robinson do best? Why is he likely to be the Jaguars’ RB1 all year as long as he manages to stay healthy?

Yards after contact

Robinson is 5-foot-9, 222 pounds. He’s built like a tank and he runs like it. You see it on that touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans, and Robinson has carried that trait over through the first three games of the season.

As a matter of fact, he ranks second in the NFL in yards after contact per rushing attempt (3.1) behind only Clyde Edwards-Helaire (first-round, Kansas City Chiefs) who has a game on Monday Night Football.

Robinson’s total yards after contact (134) rank second in the NFL to Green Bay’s Aaron Jones.

To open the 2020 season, Robinson has averaged 100 or more yards from scrimmage per game, and is also averaging a touchdown per game. That kind of efficiency, if held up, will keep him in rookie of the year consideration and could give the Jaguars a featured piece of their offense at a greatly reduced cost for the next few seasons.