2021 NFL Draft: Two-round mock draft with latest prospect predictions

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Trey Lance, 2021 NFL Draft, mock draft

2021 NFL Draft prospect, Trey Lance (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft: Two-rounds of 2021 mock draft madness.

NFL teams are reporting back to training camp and the league is putting policies in place all over the country for what a 2020 season could look like. Football is back, but the 2021 NFL Draft — which seems a long way off, but really it’s not — could be one of the most fascinating in recent memory.

The reason the intrigue surrounding the 2021 NFL Draft is so much different than in years past? No one knows if there’s going to be a college football season in 2020, and if there is, no one knows what it’s going to look like or when it will be.

If the NCAA decides to try a season but delayed by a few months, will players choose to opt-out of it?

If the season isn’t played, how many guys are going to bet on what they’ve already put on tape? In the NFL world, a year is incredibly valuable to every single player. Going into the NFL Draft at the age of 23 compared to the age of 24 is a massive difference for NFL teams.

With that being said, even if the NCAA is able to work something out to give guys extra eligibility, what we thought the 2020 college season could look like could be substantially different. Would Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields even play?

If they decide to start late, I don’t think so, and I think many others would do the same.

The NFL seems adamant about having a season and starting it on time. Everything has gone as the NFL initially scheduled it from free agency to the NFL Draft, and even with OTAs being canceled around the league in person, teams were still able to meet online with their players.

If the NFL presses forward while college football is forced to sit out, the 2021 NFL Draft would be pretty strange, to say the least.

With all of that said, it’s never too early for a new mock draft.

For this particular mock draft, I wanted to use Pro Football Focus’ roster rankings heading into the 2020 season for the order.

I included one major trade in the first round involving a quarterback prospect and a team I felt PFF had ranked way too high on their overall roster rankings.

Using The Draft Network’s mock draft machine and team needs, here is the latest two-round mock draft I came up with for the 2021 NFL Draft.

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