2021 NFL Draft: Clemson WR Amari Rodgers early scouting report

An early 2021 NFL Draft scouting report on Clemson’s senior slot receiver, Amari Rodgers.

Clemson slot receiver Amari Rodgers enters his senior year after a 2019 season where he was third in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns among receivers on the Clemson roster.

The two players ahead of him were 2020 NFL draftee Tee Higgins and star in the making Justyn Ross, who just found out he will be out for the 2020 season. Although that puts him at the top of the stat sheet entering 2021, he is primarily a slot receiver so he should see an increase in targets but not as drastic as if he played on the outside.

Still, Ross’ injury could affect Rodgers’ draft stock but will not be enough to make him Clemson’s top receiving threat.


Amari Rodgers

Wide Receiver Ht: 5-foot-10 Wt: 210, Tigers

Best Film Watched: 2019 vs Syracuse

Negative Film Watched: 2019 vs Louisville, 2018 vs Texas A&M and Notre Dame

Total Games watched: 6

Positive traits for 2021 NFL Draft prospect Amari Rodgers

The first thing you notice when watching Amari Rodgers is his size. He is built more like a running back than a receiver. His stocky frame and large lower body allows him to fight for yards and lay great blocks in both the run and pass games.

He is a natural hands catcher and shows tremendous field vision with the ball in his hands. That combined with his lateral quickness and ability to make cuts and change direction, makes him a threat to take any play for a large gain.

Do the negatives outweigh the positives?

To start, Rodgers’ route tree needs to expand in his final year at Clemson. With the loss of Ross that should happen as they will have to find a way to fill his void left behind. Currently, Rodgers is a slot receiver that runs primarily short routes (screens, slants, in and out routes), jet sweeps, and go routes.

With his lack of height and limited ability to separate he makes for a difficult target for quarterbacks. He also has a slow release from the line of scrimmage which I believe should be a focus for him this year, especially since he doesn’t have the size or speed to make up any separation.

All of that said, Rodgers has a great opportunity to move up or down draft boards next year with his current opportunities at Clemson.

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Going into the 2021 NFL Draft I see Rodgers as a mid to late day three pick. Like I mentioned above he has one of the largest opportunities in college football to increase his stock during the 2021 season but he has to overcome his size and separation problems to make a name for himself.