Josh Rosen saga with Cardinals takes an interesting turn

What is the latest going on with the Arizona Cardinals and 2018 first-round pick Josh Rosen? This saga may have taken an interesting turn.

When the Arizona Cardinals reported for their first OTA of the 2019 offseason, the major story was how quarterback Josh Rosen — the team’s first-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft — showed up and was even the first player in the building for workouts.

Rosen has been criticized in the past for not literally being the first person in the building, and he beat everyone there this time.

The excitement of Rosen’s dedication, however, may have been short-lived.

This situation took an interesting turn just one day after it was reported that Rosen was the first guy in the building. It’s Draft season, so we’re reading tea leaves, but go with us on this one.

Kyler Murray is visiting the Cardinals along with his agent Erik Burkhardt today. Agents don’t always accompany players on their pre-draft visits, but that shouldn’t be considered overly unusual.

While I was personally intrigued to find out whether or not Murray would cancel some of the rest of his pre-draft visits (he is supposed to meet with the Denver Broncos among other teams) after this one with the Cardinals, we received a potentially even juicier bit of news out of Arizona…

There are a couple of explanations for this bit of news here.

Either Rosen is sick and had to go home, he’s ticked off about Murray being in the building today, or he’s been informed he’s eventually being traded and he’s not risking getting injured while working out on the clock in Arizona.

We looked at the bargain a team like the Washington Redskins could be getting if they traded for Rosen, and if the Cardinals are telegraphing their interest in Kyler Murray to everyone, they’re not going to get a great return for their top pick in 2018.

The timing of this is interesting and pieces we’ve been trying to put together in mock draft scenarios for the past couple of months may finally be falling into place with just over two weeks before the 2019 NFL Draft.