Larry Fitzgerald Throws Shade at the NFL Over Uniforms


Throughout his 12 years in the NFL, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has become one of the most consistent wide receivers in the league.

He has never had less than 700 receiving yards in a season and has led the league in touchdowns twice in his career.

But on Wednesday night, Larry Fitzgerald made one of the best plays of his career, but it was not on the football field.

During a “Super short round of #AskFitz” Q/A on Twitter, one fan asked the veteran wide receiver why he wears the number 11.

For many athletes, their jersey number typically holds sentimental value. It could have been their number since their days playing in Pop Warner, a way to pay homage to their favorite athlete, or just a personal preference they opt not to disclose.

During his AskFitz Q/A, Fitzgerald finally revealed to the world (and more importantly the Twitterverse )why he wears the number 11 on Sundays.

Savage Larry. Just straight savage.

Unlike most sports, the NFL carried its’ obsessive, dictatorial style into what numbers players are allowed to wear on their uniforms.

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The number “1” is saved only for quarterbacks, which would explain why the third overall pick out of Pittsburgh could not take his desired number.

Instead, he settled for two of them, resulting in him wearing the number 11.

Needless to say, the number 11 has always looked good on Larry Fitzgerald and his production would certainly warrant wearing the number 1 on his jersey. He’s the Cardinals all-time leader in receiving yards and touchdowns, each of which are practically unsurpassable.

He was able to maintain his rapidly climbing statistics despite missing three starts in 2014 and only managing two touchdowns. He followed that season up with his ninth Pro Bowl caliber season and over 1,200 receiving yards.