New York Jets vs Dallas Cowboys: NFL Game Preview


The New York Jets are playing their best football heading into week 15 of the 2015 NFL regular season. The Jets are currently on a three game win streak, the first of such kind since the 2011 campaign. The offense has been at the forefront. Let me clarify, “The New York Jets are being led by the offense.” Being led by one of the league’s best wide receiving duos, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker are having an unreal statistical season. Brandon Marshall is currently at 89 catches 1,187 yards and 11 Touchdowns while Eric Decker enters week 15 looking at a 66 catch 875 yards and nine touchdowns.

For reference, they have combined for 155 catches 2,062 yards and 20 touchdowns. The Jets entire receiving corps in 2014 finished with 164 catches 2,098 yards and eight touchdowns. Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and the rest of the New York Jets look to continue the dominance heading into week 15 against the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys, led by Matt Cassel, have had a roller coaster season. The fact that Kellen Moore hasn’t even garnered a chance at the QB1 spot is outrageous. Cassel has a passer rating of 73.5 while wielding a stat line of six touchdowns seven interceptions and 1,239 yards. This is an alarming stat line, especially since he has had weapons like Dez Bryant and Jason Witten at his dispense. Yet, maybe losing games is in there best interest?

The Cowboys are currently in line for the number seven pick in the draft. With a remaining schedule of  Jets, Buffalo, and then Washington they could end up with a top three pick. Would you rather have a top three pick or find yourself with a six win team who missed the playoffs and now has the number 11 pick? I’ll take the number three pick for $500 Alex. After all that, the Cowboys will be aiming for a week 15 win against the red-hot New York Jets.

Three Matchups To Watch 

  1. Dez Bryant vs. Darrelle Revis – We have all seen this story before, week one of the 2011 season. Dez finished up with three catches, 71 yards a touchdown. But, this isn’t Tony Romo this is Matt Cassel. If Revis can hold him to under five catches it will be very hard for the C0wboys to move the ball.
  2. Tyron Smith vs. Sheldon Richardson – This is going to be a fun battle to watch. Sheldon has not been able to get to the QB as much as he’d like. But, that does not mean he has not been disruptive. His work gets tougher in week 15 as he is facing one of the league’s best. I can see this being a complete wash.
  3. Brandon Marshall vs. Cowboys Cornerbacks – I say “Cowboys Cornerbacks” because most teams that have faced Marshall this year have ended up rotating corners throughout the game trying to find a way to stop him. Marshall has been able to take it to corners such as Brent Grimes, Vontae Davis, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and many others. I can’t see him having much of an issue against this group.

Five Bold Predictions

  1. Brandon Marshall will finish with 12 catches 150 yards and a touchdown.
  2. Darren Mcfadden will finish with over 100 rushing yards.
  3. Eric Decker will be held without a touchdown grab.
  4. Cowboys offense will be turn the ball over  five or more times
  5. Jeremy Kerley will have a breakout game of over 100 yards. 

Game Prediction

This game will be a lot closer than the score entails. I believe Jets will struggle to get out of the gates and that struggle could continue the whole game. Nonetheless, I think the Cowboys offense will bite them in the foot and the Jets will be able to scrap out a victory.

Also, a reminder that this game is a SATURDAY night game.

Jets 27, Cowboys 17