Worst NFL Helmet Design: Mocks Roundtable


The NFL helmet is more than a piece of protective equipment. It represents a team; a city; a symbol. After taking a look at the best helmet designs in the NFL, the NFL Mocks crew got together and discussed which helmet is the worst representation of the team. Which helmet has the worst visual appeal? Which team failed to utilized its prideful colors and logo the best in the design? What makes that piece of the uniform such an unattractive sight? The NFL Mocks staff entered a much spirited debate Monday evening over which helmet worst reflects all those qualities. The bold is the initial reaction of the writer, while the basic text are my ever-famous snarky comments. Enjoy!

Erik Lambert: Jacksonville Jaguars

Definitely agree with Erik here. The helmet scheme is a joke

Matthew Holowiak: Cleveland Browns for being “just incredibly plain”

For a team that just “revitalized” its uniform, the lack of imagination and thought put into the helmet is disgusting

Joe Wedra: Pittsburgh Steelers

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This is one of the cross-overs from our favorite helmets. I personally don’t see any issues with it and for the most part enjoy it

Terry Lambert: Arizona Cardinals

Somewhat agree, it’s mostly plain and could use some Philadelphia Eagles-like feathers/wings instead of the plain old head logo

Bo Martin: Cleveland Browns

See above. Just a joke of a helmet and fails to represent the team’s forgotten dog logo

George Stockburger: Jacksonville Jaguars

Aug 14, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; A detailed view of the Jacksonville Jaguars helmet before the preseason game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The helmet looks like its been spray painted. Whoever approved this design was not in the right state of mind

Jonah Tuls: St. Louis Rams helmets “will blind your retinas with pure ugliness and straight up desires of plain”

I can see why some may hate on the design, but I enjoy helmets like the Rams and Vikings with the 3D design

Lance Poirrier: Cleveland Browns – “How does an NFL team end up looking like a high school program? A plain color and a stripe. Yuck…”

See above, above

Sayre Bedinger: Jacksonville Jaguars due to “the half and half” looking “insanely stupid.”

See my reaction above; its spray painted and looks atrocious

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