Brett Hundley: NFL Draft Staff Scouting Notes


UCLA QB Brett Hundley is a hot-topic NFL Draft prospect heading into the 2015 NFL Draft. Below, read mini scouting reports from some of our staff with a final draft stock projection below.

"Charles McDonald (@NFLDraftWhiz): If you were to look at Hundley strictly from a physical standpoint, then he’d be a top 10 pick. However, he’s underwhelming as a passer. His pocket presence is poor, and his accuracy is worse. Hundley is a good athlete, but he’s not a serious running threat at the next level.Hundley has the athletic capabilities to make it in the NFL, but it’s difficult to bank on his development as a long term quarterback. I view Hundley as a slightly more technically sound EJ Manuel.Jonah Tuls (@JonahTuls15): He is a bonafide athlete with the ability to make plays outside the pocket. However, he reads the defense a bit slower than most quarterbacks, and therefore gets sacked more than most quarterbacks. It gives me chills to think how good this kid could be if he plays at the speed of the NFL.His arm strength, accuracy, and mobility are all NFL quality, but again, his read/react skills are still developing. All in all, I would take him in the second round, but buyer beware.Erik Lambert (@ErikLambert1): From a physical standpoint, he has everything you want: big, athletic, strong arm, solid accuracy. Understands a pro-style system and seems to play well in big games. The problem is he doesn’t operate at preferred NFL speed.Seems 50/50 on being able to read defenses, slow to make decisions and get the ball out of his hand, which can result in a lot of sacks. Given that skill set I would put him in a run-based offense where his physical tools can take maximum advantage off play action.Sayre Bedinger (@SayreBedinger): This might not be the popular opinion among draft fanalysts right now, but I have really liked what I’ve seen from Hundley in the past and I’m talking about the whole picture. I want to point to one game in particular that has stood out to me of what I feel is possibly the best Hundley has played, and it’s his 2013 tape against Nebraska. Give that a Google search when you get a chance. Over the course of his career, yes Hundley has taken too many sacks. Yes, he’s made head scratching throws. But he’s also made me audibly express how impressed I am with some of his passes, his escape ability, and athleticism.There is no throw I haven’t seen Hundley make. Here’s my post last July on evaluation of him up to his sophomore year at UCLA. Numbers don’t often tell the whole story, but this is a guy who is 6-foot-3, 227 pounds that saw his completion percentage rise each year at UCLA. He also threw just five interceptions this past year, a number that was down from nine the year before and 11 the year before that.I think the upside on Hundley is huge, but he needs to make strides in his ability to play from the pocket. He takes to many sacks, and he doesn’t always allow his feet to properly set before some throws, resulting in poor accuracy. The thing is, we’ve seen way worse QBs than this drafted high in the first round (hello, E.J. Manuel apologists, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker — need I go on?) so I would be shocked if he isn’t a first round pick.The expectation that comes with being a first rounder is far too high, because Hundley need not start right away as a rookie. He has plenty of tools to become a successful QB, and what he lacks, NFL coaches can help him fix."

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Hundley isn’t going to be a starter immediately, but there’s no denying his potential. His tape is better than advertised, with the ability to use his legs to create opportunities that just aren’t there. However, don’t let the classic stereotypes with running QBs fool you — this kid can sling it.

Projected Stock

Ceiling: Browns at 19 in Round One

Floor: 3rd-4th round