It’s Okay Miami Dolphins Fans: Feel Confident About 2015


You could take a “glass half empty” approach to the Miami Dolphins’ 2015 — nobody would blame you. If the NFL Draft doesn’t go swimmingly (a.k.a., too many risks taken), some will begin to worry whether this team was an NFL Free Agency specialty.

More simply put: winners on paper.

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After giving Ndamukong Suh a contract that comes with quarterback money, the Dolphins shored up the offensive side of the football by retooling Ryan Tannehill’s arsenal. Adding Jordan Cameron and Kenny Stills, Miami seems convinced that the new faces will bring a much-needed boost to an offense that has been one step behind everyone else during the Tannehill era.

Yet still, some fans are uneasy. Questions surrounding the future of the team still loom on Miami message boards, and nervous “depth chart analysts” suspect potential trouble in 2015.

With concerns, good news has to be around the corner, right? Looking deeper into what this team will be in 2015, concerns should be dissipating.

Thus, a note to those in Miami is in order. Things might look uncertain now, but brighter days are ahead …

To Miami fans:

Hopefully, this note finds you well. (Or in a Dicks Sporting Goods picking out a Suh jersey)

First off, congrats on making it through the first several days of Free Agency. To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement.

As far as you doubters go … Instead of picking apart each roster move with nervousness as though you’re playing a heavily contested game of Jenga, step back and view the big picture.

Sure, the man named Suh you’ll all be cheering for in a few months came at a high price, but your team knows what it’s doing. Big sums of money have to equal big performance. They understand that. Don’t worry. Suh will be Suh — Detroit fans know that all too well. Barring injury, this guy is going to show up. 

As for the loss of Mike Wallace — think of the Jordan Cameron addition as a welcome improvement for Tannehill. Young quarterbacks like an intermediate weapon like the former Cleveland Pro Bowler.

While I’m sorry many of your Mike Wallace jerseys will no longer be wearable, you’ll grow to love Cameron as a red-zone threat. 

Giving up a 3rd round pick for Kenny Stills is scary, for sure. However, your offense will use him correctly. If there’s anywhere he’s going to shine, it’ll be in a big role with the your squad. Dennis Hickey took a risk, but it can pay off. 

Finally, be confident in your young offensive weapons. You know what you have in Jarvis Landry, but don’t sleep on guys like Matt Hazel and Arthur Lynch to potentially play roles in this offense moving forward. 

It’s been a tricky start to the 2015 league year thus far, but hang in there. 

Success can come. 

Your quarterback is entering a crucial year where he knows he has to perform. 

If the trust is there from everyone on offense, it should emerge. 

Here’s to 2015!