Melvin Gordon: 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report


The 2015 NFL Draft is getting closer by the minute, which means you need to get ready with a Melvin Gordon scouting report! The former Wisconsin star made a name for himself early and often, helping NFL teams solidify him as one of the best in this class.

Is he a first round pick? Watch some tape below and find out for yourself. After that, explore his strengths and weaknesses to see if he’d be a fit for your team for the future!


It sure is easy to get on board with this kid and spot the things he does right immediately.

Gordon is a shifty back that uses his feet extremely well. His straight-line speed isn’t going to “wow” anyone, but the way he uses his legs makes up for that.

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Due to his lower-body skills, his explosion is unmatched. He’s very good at hitting the little openings and making big things happen — he made his mark in college by making something out of nothing.

I’ve seen Gordon’s vision get knocked a bit, but I have no clue why. This kid has a knack for finding a space and exploring the line of scrimmage. You simply can’t teach the trait of “vision” — so those that don’t think he has it have every reason to be concerned — but many other evaluators don’t feel this is an issue at all.


Well, this is tough. How do you pinpoint weaknesses for a guy that seemingly did everything right during his college career?

If scouts are going to note anything, each “weakness” will be minor:

  • Could hit the hole a bit better
  • Pass-blocking is unproven in certain spots
  • Electricity lacks

With Gordon, it’s truly hard to give him a bad review in any aspect of the game. Yes, it’d be nice to see him block a bit better in the backfield, but everything that he somewhat lacks can be coached. No major issues here.


Look for a team in the latter half of the first round to take a look. At worst, Gordon will come out of this class as an early second round selection.