NFL Trade Rumors: Where Would Tom Brady Fit Best?


It’s that time of year where NFL Trade Rumors are running wild. While there’s no reason to believe the Patriots would trade QB Tom Brady, it’s interesting to take a look at the potential landing spots if indeed they do decide to look into it.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the unquestioned future of this team, and there might be a benefit in getting rid of Brady after this season. Ben Volin reports that Brady’s contract is “team-friendly”, making the slightest chances of a trade seem a bit more pronounced.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Josh McCown era hasn’t exactly started as planned. If we’re being honest, is it ever REALLY going to work? He’s proved little in his NFL career and won’t be looked at as a solid starting quarterback moving forward.

Mike Glennon shouldn’t be looked at as just an average quarterback – he has some insane skills – but can he really be trusted right now? Maybe it’s time for the Tampa Bay front office to admit they missed and make a move. While it probably won’t happen, the Bucs trading for Tom Brady does have some intriguing subplots.

St. Louis Rams

We all know Sam Bradford can’t stay healthy. The issue here is the current contract situation. Bradford is locked down through 2015, so St. Louis may want to give him one more chance moving ahead.

If 2015 doesn’t work out as planned and the Patriots are ready to move on however, this could end up being very Brett Farve-esque.

Houston Texans

Alright, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. A lot has to happen to make this work, so it’s just a thought at this point. These two teams do have ties when it comes to trading in the past (cough Ryan Mallett cough), and Houston might not be so sure of the depth chart at QB after this season ends.

Could you imagine Brady with Andre Johnson and a young DeAndre Hopkins? Scary…

Weigh in below with what team you think Tom Brady would be a good fit with.