Where Could Brandon Flowers Land In NFL Free Agency?


The Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t find a trade partner, so as expected they release cornerback Brandon Flowers.  So where could he land next?

Oakland Raiders

Normally one doesn’t have to look very far to find a new home for a prominent player as more often than not they like to stay in the same division against the same players.  That makes the Oakland Raiders an interesting possibility.  Health issues continue to plague 2013 first round pick D.J. Hayden and it’s unclear how much of an impact free agents Terrell Brown and Carlos Rogers will have.  Adding Flowers to the mix would be a huge boost to their rebuilding secondary.

Indianapolis Colts

They did bring in some new faces but it’s really hard to say whether the Indianapolis Colts are any better at cornerback than they were a season ago.  Outside Vontae Davis they have nobody of proven value.  Brandon Flowers is experienced in a 3-4 system like theirs despite his height limitations at 5’9″.  They also have the money to afford his price tag as a Pro Bowl player who is still only 28.

Cleveland Browns

What a steal this could end up being, and so late in NFL free agency.  The Cleveland Browns already have Joe Haden on one end and added first round pick Justin Gilbert on the other.  If they could bring in Flowers, who would be an excellent fit in the slot, it would give that defense arguably one of the best corner trios in all of football.  Money also isn’t a concern either.  Cleveland has the second highest cap space in the league.  The potential value of this union may be the most enticing and the most practical.

No matter the situation, Brandon Flowers isn’t going to wait long to find a job.  It’s merely a question of price and fit.