Smart Trades Before The Trade Deadline


You can usually tell at any sports trade deadline who believes they have a shot and who will be going through the motions the rest of the season. These are the buyers and sellers. The buyers are looking for players to help them for the stretch run and the sellers are looking to save money and build towards the future. The trade deadlines for the MLB and NBA are normally more interesting than the NFL but this year has a flurry of trade potential. Theses are a few trades that should happen before Oct 29th.

The Falcons shouldn’t trade Tony Gonzales and trade for Hakeem Nicks.

The Falcons still have Matt Ryan so I think they still have an outside shot at a wild card. If they believe that too, Tony should stay put but Ryan still needs another weapon with Julio Jones out and Roddy White hurting. Enter Hakeem Nicks. They also need defensive help which brings me to…..

The Falcons should also trade for Jason Babin.

As good as Matt Ryan and the offense is they will have to out score most opponents because of a lacking defense. They have serious problems getting a pass rush. Babin can probably be had for a late rounder and can help on passing situations where he can just pin his ears back and go.

The Cowboys should trade for Kevin Williams.

The Cowboys need players along the defensive line in the worst way. Injuries are piling up by the week. It seems they have to sign someone off the couch every other day. Kevin Williams provides run stopping and a little pass rush from time to time and can stay fresh the way the Cowboys rotate out their lineman.

The Broncos should trade for Jairus Byrd.

The Broncos pass defense is porous. They get a boost with the returning Von Miller but with Champ Bailey still out injured they can’t cover anyone. Raheim Moore isn’t going to cut it. Byrd is going to want a lot of money in the off season but the Broncos are in win-now mode and he helps them win this year.

The Patriots should trade for Kenny Britt.

Even though they continue to win, Tom Brady isn’t his usual perfect self. After breaking an NFL record for most consecutive games with a TD pass he’s had 2 games this year without one. Britt has had a bad season and comes with a lot of concerns but those are the players Bill Belichick likes. If they can get him right, he could be the outside weapon they need while Gronk, Edleman and Amendola (when healthy) lock up the middle.


The Chiefs should trade for Fred Davis.

The Chiefs have been linked to Tony Gonzales for obvious reasons but I don’t think he’s going anywhere. The Chiefs do need help at the tight end position where they haven’t had a lot of production. So they get Davis who has become expendable in Washington to add more versatility to the Chiefs middle of the pack offense.