NFL Quarterback Hot Seat Through Week Five: Matt Schaub On Fire


Oct 6, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) stands on the sideline during action against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter at Candlestick Park. The 49ers defeated the Texans 34-3. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Coaches usually hold the spotlight for hot seats but that doesn’t discount the same goes for quarterbacks as well.  With the NFL season five weeks old which names are in serious trouble?

Eli Manning – New York Giants – Seat:  Warm

The luxury of winning two Super Bowls has kept Eli Manning safe from any thoughts of criticism save from the usual.  That doesn’t excuse him from the mistakes he’s made in the New York Giants 0-5 start.  In addition to throwing a league high 12 interceptions he has also lost two fumbles.  Whatever magic he’s possessed in the past that helps him protect the football isn’t there and it’s really hurting a Giants team that can’t even keep games close anymore.

Blaine Gabbert – Jacksonville Jaguars – Seat:  Melted

Another terrible game and another injury for Blaine Gabbert pretty much shows how far the Jacksonville Jaguars have sunk.  One must ponder what their front office and coaching staff was thinking not drafting somebody new to add competition or even unlocking the coffers to sign Josh Freeman when he became available.  Instead they continued to ride Gabbert all the way into the ground.  Jacksonville deserves whatever horrible record they end up with at this point.

Matt Schaub – Houston Texans – Seat:  Hot

Whatever magic Matt Schaub had during his early days with the Houston Texans has gone.  The 31-year old quarterback seems to have hit his ceiling and begun to regress.  He’s tossed a pick six interception in four-straight games, an NFL record, and finished with three interceptions against a San Francisco 49ers team playing without Patrick Willis or Aldon Smith.  That forced Gary Kubiak to switch to T.J. Yates.  The move did nothing to spark the Texans offense.  Schaub by all accounts still owns the starting job.  For how much longer is the question.

Christian Ponder – Minnesota Vikings – Seat:  Hot

Matt Cassel beating the Pittsburgh Steelers was bad enough for Christian Ponder, who nursed a rib injury.  The Minnesota Vikings making the surprise move to sign quarterback Josh Freeman via free agency must have seemed like a killer.  For the past month the questions have piled on whether Ponder has what it takes to carry an NFL team to the playoffs without the need for Adrian Peterson.  So far the answer was obvious to see as the Vikings started 0-3.  With Freeman on board and Cassel having the only win under his belt, Ponder won’t hold the starting job much longer unless something changes.

Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles – Seat:  Warm

His age alone made his hold on the starting job tenuous with the Philadelphia Eagles.  So when Michael Vick went down with another injury and Nick Foles came in and helped rout the New York Giants, it may have been a sign that it was time to make a change.  Vick didn’t play terrible in the game but his decreasing durability is becoming a problem considering the way he plays.  Philadelphia needs a quarterback who can execute their offense with precision.  Thus far Vick hasn’t done it enough.  If he is still the starter, another injury could be the final straw.

Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – Seat:  Warm

There are a lot of reasons Cam Newton is struggling but like it or not he is one of those reasons.  Great quarterbacks find a way to elevate their team when the talent level might not be the best.  Newton hasn’t done that.  Through five games he has just six touchdown passes to five interceptions and still hasn’t cracked 1,000 yards passing.  Most importantly the Panthers are 1-3 and well behind the New Orleans Saints in the division race.  Newton still has time to rescue the situation for a wild card spot, but history shows he isn’t up to the task.