NFL Depth Chart: Former USC Trojans


This is a series where I take a look at the prospects that were drafted by each team and how well they comapre to their competition. Without even doing the research yet, I have a feeling this will be the most impressive collection of players currently in the N.F.L. from one school.

This list focuses on players who were drafted by teams and not just players who are in the league. If you want to include undrafted free agents make your case in the comments.


Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassell

I know, I know. I hear you, and trust me I’m not a Mark Sanchez fan. But Carson Palmer is on the down slope of his career and has not been very good in a few years, ever since the Pittsburgh playoff game where he almost lost his career thanks to a helmet to the knee. Sanchez, as much as I don’t particularly care for the Jets, is a player who is clutch. He is, clutch. He’s very reminiscent of Eli Manning in the fact that he doesn’t get at his best until all the chips are on the table and it’s cruch time.

Running back:

Reggie Bush, Justin Fargas, (Allen Bradford, Stanley Havili)

Fargas is a decent and underappreciated player when given a chance to play a lot. he can catch the football and hs has a career 4.1 yards per carry average. He’s not dynamite, and even though he didn’t have one carry last year would be a fine complement to Bush.


Sam Baker (LT), Chilo Rachal (LG),  Ryan Kalil (C), Deuce Lutui (RG) , Winston Justice (RT)  Charles Brown (Depth)(Tyron Smith)

This is a decent offensive line. Winston Justice is much improved from his infamous owned game by Osi Umeniyora. Lutui is nothing great, but serviceable and Kalil is a stud. Sam Baker is a good young player as well. It’s likely that Smith would beat out Justice for Right tackle on this team.

Wide Receiver:

Steve Smith NYG, Mike Williams,  Dwayne Jarrett (Ronald Johnson, David Ausberry)

Steve Smith is a stud who is a pass catching machine. Mike Williams is a good complement to Smith because Williams has the size Smith lacks to be a solid red-zone threat for Sanchez on this team. Dwayne Jarrett has been nothing special, and this is a solid 1-2 punch, even if it lacks dynamit ability.

Tight End:

Fred Davis (Jordan Cameron)

Fred Davis is just coming into stride with the Redskins and would be a bigger factor on a team that was devoid of talent at tight end, but Davis has to compete for catches with one of the best in the business: Chris Cooley. Davis 21 passes for 316 yards last year with 3 touchdowns.

Defensive Line:

Lawrence Jackson (RDE), Sedrick Ellis (DT), Mike Patterson (DT) Fili Moala (DT Depth), Everson Griffen, (Jurrel Casey)

Lawrence Jackson has not been what he was expected to be, but Everson Griffien is loaded with talent didn’t have a great rookie year, but could develop into a good player. Sedrick Ellis is the best defensive linemen to come out of U.S.C. to be selected in the draft in recent memory. Casey anchros this line and Patterson is not too shabby either.


Brian Cushing (WLB), Lofa Tatupu (ILB)  Clay Matthews (SLB) Rey Maluaga (Depth), Keith Rivers (Depth) (Malcolm Smith)

Wowzee! This is a very good linebacker corps. If this linebacker group was together it could be arguably the best linebacker corps in the entire league, easily the best 43 linebacker corps in the league. Brian Cushing was not as good as he was the year before he was suspended, but he was still pretty good. Clay Matthews is a S-T-U-D who could succeed in the 34 or 43 and Lofa Tatupu, if healthy, is one of the better ILB in the league. Rey Maluaga needs to improve on last year’s average year and Keith Rivers is excellent depth.

Terrell Thomas, Clay Harris (Shareece Wright)

I was actually surprised with how few USC cornerbacks are making an impact in the league, but Terrel Thomas is a plus play maker who gets his hands on the ball and can rush the passer, he could improve in coverage. Clay Harris played a few games with the Bills nad is now on the Giants roster, but likely to be released and be out of a job unless some other team picks him up. Shareece Wright would start across from Thomas on this team.


Taylor Mays, Troy Polamalu

If one of your safeties is Poluamlu, you’re in good shape at safety regardless of who the other safety is. Polamalu is excellent, and Mays is very, very talented.


David Buehler

Well, one thing for sure is Mr. Buehler definitely has a big leg, it reamins to be seen whether or not he can be consistent enough, and clutch enough to be a long term solution for the Cowboys at kicker.

Punter: none drafted in the league.


I thought based on the reputation and knowing instantly of a few very good players in the N.F.L. at the drop from USC that this could be a devastating team (Steve Smith, Polmalu), but is it really that much better than the Michigan players in the N.F.L?  Michigan actually  has more All-Pro level playes with Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, Jake Long,  and Lamaar Woodley has U.S.C. has (Poluamlu, Clay Matthews) and has a better level of secondary players: Davis Harris, Leon Hall, Mario Manningham. I have to say, provided the Wolverines could field a team (no tight ends, or really safeties) I think they could beat an All USC team.

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