NFL Depth Chart: Michigan Wolverines


I thought it would be fun to take a look at how some of the big time programs have fared in not only getting players into the N.F.L. in the recent decade or so (ie players still in the league), but also how well those players have done. Up first is the Michigan Wolverines. I’m on focusing on players who were drafted,  but if you know of a quality player that went undrafted from the Wolverines feel free to add him in the comments.

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Mike Hart

OT: Jeff Backus, Jake Long

Guard: Steve Hutchinson, Jon Goodwin, David Baas,  (Steve Schilling)

WR: Braylon Edwards, Jason Avant, Steve Breaston, Mario Manningham

TE:None still in league.

DL: Gabe Watson, Alan Branch, Terrance Taylor (drafted in 2009 by Colts),

LB: Lamaar Woodley, David Harris,Larry Foote,  Brandon Graham (Jonas Mouton)

CB: Leon Hall, Charles Woodson

S: Ty Law, Marlin Jackson (Whew both stretches)

P: Zoltan Mesko


The Wolverines have done a decent job of getting players drafted in the N.F.L. in recent history. Obviously the biggest story in all of this is Tom Brady, who was drafted in the 6th round and has gone on to a hall of fame career. Also the Wolverines had Chad Henne drafted who is also a starting Quarterback currently in the National Football League so they are all set at that position.

It’s surprising for a team that is considered traditionally to be a defensive, and by implication power running team that there is no quality running back drafted in recent memory from the Wolverines. However, their WR players aren’t too shabby either. Mario Manningham is a wide receiver who has improved every year in the league and is one of the most elusive Wide receivers in the league if Steve Smith is going to miss significant time this year Manningham has a great chance of eclipsing a 1000 yards this season.

Also there have been many quality offensive linemen drafted that played their college Ball at Michigan. And very good ones too: Steve Hutchinson, Jake Long, and Jeff Backus have all had very good careers in the N.F.L.

The other two positions worth noting are cornerback and linebackers. The cornerbacks drafted out of Michigan on this list are excellent. Leon Hall hasn’t been one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but he’s been in the next tier. Charles Woodson won a defensive Player of the year trophy.

At linebacker are some very talented players on very good defenses. LaMarr Woodely has been everything and more the Steelers had hoped for when they drafted him and David Harris has been a tackling machine. The other player, Brandon Graham played 43 Defensive End for the Eagles and displayed the quickness and sudden burst with pass rush potential the Eagles envisioned when they traded up to draft  him last draft before he was hurt for the remainder of the season.

All in all seems like a pretty good haul especially when you consider that the top talent that has come from Michigan has been Very very good. All-pro level players with Brady, Hutchinson, Woodley, and Jake Long. I’m curious to see upon closer examination how the Wolverines stack up with many other teams in terms of talent and the impact of the talent in the N.F.L.

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