Updated NFC North Team Needs: 12/21/10


One of the most important factors when preparing for the NFL Draft is knowing each and every NFL team.  NFL Mocks keeps a very close eye on each team and will bring you an updated needs assessment at the end of each month.  These needs will help as we prepare to make predictions for the 2011 NFL Draft.  Continue to check out our team needs page to find the most recent assessments.  Also after looking at the team needs move on over to the Big Board and see what prospects might fit your teams need. A don’t forget to study up on your favorite prospects at NFLMocksGameFilm!

Chicago Bears

Congratulations go out to the Bears and all their fans as they have become the 2010 NFC North Champions.  While they have earned it, the Bears are also far from prefect. Martz has found a way to scheme Cutler to move around and outside the pocket, but both he and the Chicago run game would benefit from better blocking. As the 30th overall offense, they are by far the least productive of any playoff team. Depending on their playoff results the Bears could be picking any spot after the 21st overall pick, but that may actually put them in a good position for a Offensive Tackle as it is currently believed that there won’t be many taken high in the draft. Gabe Carimi, Anthony Castonzo, and Derrick Sherrod are all potential targets and possibly OG Rodney Hudson. The Bears interior line is getting older and has suffered an injury or two this season.

Detroit Lions

Detroit has just put together its first back-to-back win streak in what must seem like forever. That’s a lot of goodwill to carry into the next season, especially if they can extend that winning streak. Long term, they need to find a way to protect Stafford.  Currently sitting on the 6th overall pick, there isn’t an offensive lineman valued that highly. Drafting that high precludes other needs and there will be plenty of talent to choose from. The defensive line has greatly improved, but the secondary hasn’t been able to cover for very long and gives up the big play too often. Having Patrick Peterson fall to them would be ideal, but Price Amukamara seems more likely at this point. A gamble on a pass rusher like Robert Quinn to groom under Vanden Bosch doesn’t seem out of the question either.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has been beset by injury and needs to win their last two games at home against the New York Giants and Chicago Bears. The Packers haven’t been able to sustain success with all their injuries and even if they find a way into the playoffs, it will be tough the stay in the hunt long. An off-season of healing and everyone predicting them to the the division champ should make things brighter in Green Bay. Continuing to rebuild the offensive line should also make things easier. The running game suffered when Grant was hurt at the beginning of the season, but the line hasn’t been as effective in run blocking and its easy to question whether Grant could have been useful had he stayed healthy. Each of the aforementioned tackle prospects would fit in. A pass rushing option, like Von Miller, opposite Matthews III or a corner back, such as Janoris Jenkins, to replace Woodson would also be options.

Minnesota Vikings

In what will surely be a running theme for NFC North teams in the off-season, the Vikings also need help along the offensive line. The Vikings will be in a position to take one of the higher rated offensive linemen in this class, but they have an even bigger need at quarterback. With Joe Webb the only quarterback currently under contract past this season, and even if Leslie Frazier is retained, there is a good chance the next coach will try to find the quarterback that will define his tenure as the Vikings head coach. However, until the season is over and the coaching situation is solidified, there wouldn’t be much to go on as to what kind of quarterback and offensive system the team will employ in the future. Vikings fans should get to know Andrew Luck, Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, and Cam Newton as they are the first round quarterbacks most likely to be targeted.