6-3 226lbs Senior 6-3 226lbs Senior

2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jake Locker, Washington


Jake Locker– QB- Washington

6-3 226lbs Senior


2007- 155-328, 47.3%, 2062 yards, 14 TDS/ 15 INTS, 986 rushing yards, 13 rushing touchdowns

2008- 50-93, 53.8%, 512 yards, 1 TD/ 0 INTS, 180 rushing yards, 3 rushing touchdowns

2009- 230-395, 58.2%, 2800 yards, 21 TDS/ 11 INTS, 388 rushing yards, 7 rushing touchdowns


Jake Locker has already received a ton of coverage as he is regarded as the top prospect for the 2011 NFL Draft.  Many believe that if he had declared for the 2010 NFL Draft that he could have battled Sam Bradford for the top spot.  I feel that if he wasn’t selected #1 overall he wouldn’t have slipped past #4 and if he decided to enter this decision would have impacted many NFL rosters (How Locker could have impacted NFL Rosters).

Locker has prototypical size for his position and boasts great athleticism.  He is extremely mobile which is supported by his impressive rushing stats.  Locker possesses above average arm strength which allows him to make all the necessary throws.  He is continuing to improve his mechanics but doesn’t need much work in this area.  The fact that he has good mechanics will help with this transition to the NFL.  Another positive I can’t ignore is the Washington coaching staff.  Coach Sarkisian’s knowledge will greatly enhance Locker’s skill level.


Locker will need to improve several areas of his game if he wants to lock down the #1 overall spot in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Locker doesn’t have ideal accuracy which is arguably the most important skill for an NFL quarterback.  His lack of field vision has been criticized and he tends to lock onto one receiver.  This issue is what some believe was the major factor in the failure of JaMarcus Russell.  Locker also needs to gain better pocket presence, he tends to quickly abandon the pass and flee the pocket.  While Locker’s running skills are a positive he needs to develop better decision making when it comes to hanging in the pocket or taking off.  Lastly, Locker has to prove he is a winner.  Locker has compiled an unimpressive 8- 20 record over the course of his career.  I am aware that he hasn’t been surrounded by the best talent but he needs to show he could win games by himself.


As of right now we have Locker as our #1 prospect for the 2011 NFL Draft.  I feel that he has all the physical talent and is improving in the mental aspect of the game.  It is a major positive that he has Coach Sarkisian working with him and that should further develop his game.

Projected Round:

I see no reason that Locker shouldn’t be selected #1 overall.  However, there are several other quarterback prospects that could make a run such as Andrew Luck and Ryan Mallett.